Metalhead REACTS to Under the Graveyard by OZZY OSBOURNE

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Fred Bernier says:

I can t stop to listening that song

godofyouall489 says:

Not criticizing I love ozzy. But is he using autotune? Sounds like it.

Jimmy cyr says:

I was wondering what kind of accent you got there until I’ve seen your name and you are from mtl ! 😉 J’adore ton channel Btw 😉

Jamal Ghani says:

Ozzy, Dio and Bruce knows How invite great musicians to play.
This song remind me something in the past and one new way of Ozzy carreer. Ozzy stays on the road dudes!!

Stephen Silvers says:

I just heard this song and can't stop listening to it. OMG – absolutely amazing!!!

Cody ALLCAPS says:

I want an Ozzy/A7X collaboration

Templar Knight says:

Perfect reaction to the perfect song

Timothy Karnes says:

Shut up dude…preach it ozzy..

Darrell Taylor says:

This is up there man. Upper echelon.

Sammy says:

I want a metal cover of this song!! That would be so badass

damien trelenberg says:

Waking up to this track put such a smile on my face u have no idea

Zonik says:

No sabía que Bill Ward hacia videos en YouTube

Jodie Jodes says:

I love this!!! And it’s not usually my Jam. Feeling every verse! Amazing.

rocky sparky says:

you're deaf man this is a bullshit song…the best bullshit song from ozzy EVER…!!!

Aaron Cherry says:

You just got a sub from this video. Why? Because you don't pause the video to run your cockwash, you made comments WHILE the song plays.

HummingBruk says:

The beginning guitar and fade in vocal reminds me of the song he did with Post Malone. Not knocking this song! Just interesting to see Ozzy pull inspiration from the latest generation.

Jim Hogg says:

What is this guy doing with his mouth? Looks like he's got a piece of chicken stuck in his tooth. Maybe it's like 5:40 am because he's been up for 3 days straight…wigged out of his mind…geekin'… of course this is just my opinion, I may be wrong.😎

Brendan B25 says:

He made a statement it’s not zak wylde

Lenny Varville Jr. says:

Everything you are, can't take it when you go. Favorite vocal part. Ozzy's voice is so amazing. Can't wait for whole album!

Steelz MB says:

No more tears Bro

Carl Spencer says:

Don't worry Sonny Boy you'll lose all that hair soon enough… You're really in no position to draw penguins opinions…. penguins lol

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