Map Shows Even 'Regular People' Can't Avoid Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow reports on politicians of a certain stripe who seem to view meat plant workers as being different from “regular people,” and shares a data visualization that shows how coronavirus can spread from meat plants, well beyond the plant workers. Aired on 5/8/2020.
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Map Shows Even ‘Regular People’ Can’t Avoid Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Man Xue says:

This really makes me think either greedy or stupidity is a must qualification for republic public servants

Obi One says:

Americans if you keep electing ppl with no brain cells nothing will ever change how did all these inbred ppl keep getting in power?

Daniel Quinn says:

Pathetic pat should go down and supervise

J Campbell says:

It seems to me the wrong people are contracting the virus.

Lydia Waweru-Morgan says:

G .

mojoe Lindell says:

Just A Hoax!! Only Democrats are wearing the mask!!

M W says:

So that old fart would feel safe to casually stroll thru the plant and interact with the staff…because, you know, that virus gets checked at the door? The workers pick it up as they head home for the day?

antony michael says:


The One Eyed Shaman says:

America has been infected with hubris and pathological narcissism.

Logan says:

wanna be friends?

Grey Mouser says:

41%….'Die for the Emperor'

Kpew Liu says:

Stupid people who voted for foolish bad leaders, doom themselves and their country… .

808080 says:

Disgusting. Wretch inducing. There will be a breaking point where these people feel they need to bear arms against us. Don't be shocked when this happens. Your survival depends on it. Act. Run, fight, defend yourself, ANYTHING. When it starts, believe what you are seeing and act in the most prudent way based on an armed uprising where you are the enemy.

Kpew Liu says:

Stupid people are doomed to die…

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