Los Angeles may see the same number of COVID-19 cases as New York City

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti talks about the uptick in cases.

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dok nox says:

I don't like the new normal. I'm getting sick of being home all the time.

Kevin's Journal says:

I'm in NYC now out of work, everything is closed here other than essentials, coincidentally just made a video of life in New York right now, please stay safe and protect yourself if you're outside, before it comes there, I know so many out of work here right now.

thomas grabkowski says:

they won't. LA doesn't have the population density, and they are warmer, which stops the spread of covid-19. NYC had an unfortunate combination of cold weather and high population density, causing it to spread like wildfire there.

Omkar J says:

A teenager dies, and Prince charles has no symptoms. I dont get it

buttkraken says:

we NEED serological testing ASAP! somebody get this across to the orange overlord, then he can have his wish of opening portions of the country sooner than later

Johnny Mnemonic says:

India has less feces on their streets than California

Lukas Loh says:

Welcome to the hotel California…

mopthermopther says:

You can wash hands and stay home. But at night the virus can creep into your bedroom 💀

Isabella Pastrano says:

Sending my prayers to everyone in Los Angeles

Sam Summers says:

Good couldn't have happened to a better place.

Uncle Fjester says:

Liberal Cities will Die!
Its Gods way of telling you to Fawk off

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