Lil Baby – Woah (Dance Video) Shot By @Jmoney1041

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Woah Dance Video to Lil Baby song “Woah”. Like And Subscribe for more content like this.
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Jmoney1041 says:

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BriightSZN says:

The girls can’t dance

Alyssa Costello says:

Y’all complaining bout the girls doing the same dance moves but half y’all can’t even dance “just saying”

CT MFB says:

Girl in the grey LOOKED SO LOST N CONFUSED 💀💀💀… her dancing is not the business

Almamy Diallo says:

@iameily 🔥

Golden Goldie says:

I mean, y’all did that mf 🗣👏🏽

Faith Vu says:

The background

Franklin Jones says:

Keep up the good work! Keeps this old head energized and up to date with newest jams

Roronoa says:

Nigga in the purple was fucking smooth with it.

ILikeExoticStuff says:

I have never seen a dance video like this where the girls were better than the guys. The girls were good, don't get me wrong, but guys are always super sharp with the moves. Is it because the girls are trying to be cute?

x2QuicKjonathanx says:

Why is this video so fucking ass 😂

O Bando says:

Y'all did better than the actual video🔥🔥💯


now play anime music over it

Nicholas Smile says:

OK what did Kelis say ABOUT MAYA

theyyyloveeekat says:

2:04 is when it got lit🖤😂

theyyyloveeekat says:

the girls have the same moves all the time 😂

Dj Vielot says:

gray top girl was better,,blac one did her shi tho


The "every black kid should know" dance 🙌😂

Lil D 1017 says:

Can y’all dance to my song. Diamonds by lil d

Niaro Brown says:

Was them girls in Bop tho?

thatboijoe says:

🔥🔥🔥 Y’all snapped👏🏾

JAY says:

The guy with the purple jacket stay jumping 🤣

waterside says:

Just happy to see kids being kids and not gang banging.

Heyco Wild says:

Straight heat

Settboy says:

What’s all the hate about ? I enjoyed the video

m4nc1_ says:

everybody’s shoe game 🤩🤩

Lonnie Boyd says:

them is sisters… gotta be

Evo C says:

lookS like a mental institution .. LMAO

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