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Undisputed King of Trainers, JD: http://www.jdsports.co.uk
HAUK: https://society.stylehaul.com/hauk
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ItsLallerz says:

Who’s here after jj beat Logan in the 2nd match

FBI says:

Who's here after KSI beat logan?

Aditya Afrizal says:

Vidal’s voice

SoloCaRRy 123 says:

Who's here after ksi won against logan

Kronic Gaming says:

Joe Weller's trainer looks like Stephen Tries


This final press Conference was more professional than the ksi vs Logan final press conference

Ryan McKenna says:

Who’s here after Ksi fucked Logan…


Thomas Ngolle says:

Who's here after ksi beat Logan


jeff harty says:

Anyone here after logan rematch?

Fastro says:

Here after JJ finally beat Logan. Idk even know why but Im here

Evan Cummings says:

Anyone here after KSI beat Logan?

BT 23 says:

Who came here to recheck on KSI’s body?

Banana Peel Gamer says:

Ayyy that jersey lookin icy

TheIcemangoo says:

i hated joe during the entierety of this fight, he was just full of the persona of a cunty human being. now he's back to being the funny joe weller

Mason Johnson says:

Coming back here October 2019, this looks like Weller lost all his confidence from the first press conference because he saw how ripped KSI has become

Mason Johnson says:

2:47 "phenomally" 😂😂

Yolofinn says:

just saying its cringe how tough joe weller thought he was and he just got destroyed

Krusades says:

Rot bitch November 9th Ksi DEATH Day 😂

Krusades says:

Fucking Pussy

Krusades says:

Dident happen with Logan Paul 😂

name surename says:

"Your trainer looks like he just arrived from Poland" bro youre from Nigeria, your country is more under developed than a new born 🤣


Who's watching after ksi vs Logan Paul press conference UK

12,888,999 views says:

i came back from 2021 after ksi beat justin beiber

AshhSZN says:

We're gonna see t

Sanish Maharjan says:

Time for KsiLogan2

IGamerZ2 XD says:

Who’s here after KSI Logan Paul press conference 2?

Koby McCoy says:

Anyone here Logan Paul rematch?

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