How to safely grocery shop during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Many people are preparing for Easter meals ahead of the holiday long weekend, which means a trip to the grocery store. With physical distancing implemented across Toronto due to COVID-19, Ali Chiasson has some tips on how to stay safe while shopping. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam now says wearing a non-medical mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19

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Rudy M says:

Pumpkin, thanks for the great advices, I didn’t know how to do this without watching this tutorial. Now, can you bend and show how you pick apples from the aisle?

Jerry Crossman says:

Tracking down the origin of the virus YouTube

Merri Frusti says:

Masks dont protect you. Gloves dont protect you. Plexiglass is a joke. For real, the more I think about it, the more I realize these precautions are false protection. Maybe even an attempt to get more business if customers see everyone all masked up. None of it works, just think about it.

Raw Bacon says:

I'll bet she's been with a lot of men.

Hai Domo says:

Suggestion for self-checkout machines layout, better have them facing one direction only at 6 ft apart.

CCP Propaganda Bot # 826 says:

Haha U all silly. No worry. CCP protecc u.
Just obey you're leader.
Obey CCP. Glory to CCP and Wuhan light show.

Giggles says:

The old saying no shirt, no shoes, no service SHOULD NOW BE no mask, scarf or bandana, no entry gloves are optional.

R. B. says:

Yes we should all listen to the lady who can shop at a store called Organic Garage around civilized people who probably shop there. Tell her to reshoot this video at a no frills or food basic at 5pm and let's see if she feels the same wait. These people live in a bubble. My buddy was at food basics last week and told me a crazy lady refused to social distance and stood behind him n then behind her one of those typical self righteous types started telling her no to stand so close to him n the crazy lady started flipping out in the store and the self righteous lady started yelling right back n my buddy's jus thinking get me tf out of here. Most of us are us to this… Organic Garage lady probably has no idea what that's like smh.

trial says:

Why did Jason handled the eggs without gloves?

Justin Trudeau says:

I just get my staff to go to the luxury grocery store and deliver to me in my villa in Tahiti. I don’t even have to cook it. This epidemic isn’t that hard quit complaining and put ur energy into something positive like learning Arabic

Eamon O'Connell says:

What ever we touch in the store, we buy. We don't 'manhandle' anything anymore. So we are now very picky at what we're buying. No mostly frozen or canned.

Twostones00 says:

The checker touches every item every shopper touches. That is where the virus is spread. It is the same as having every shopper before you touch your groceries.

NBaimf says:

Trsh lies from the TV toilet.

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