How South Korea kept it’s COVID-19 infection rate down

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South Korea’s foreign minister shares the secret to her country’s coronavirus success.

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Lars Mellberg says:

Sweden should have done this as well

김도균 says:

Although I’m Korean, I can understand her word without title…wow it’s a magic.

ᆞCat says:

뭐냐 이거

Quang Nguyen says:

If only the US can do the same.

Kevin Dasilva says:

South korea actually cares about its citizens… the U.S. only cares about economy

4241sun says:

They are still not closing borders for the US since they can handle the virus. They can test, trace, treat fast. It's that simple but none of the other countries can follow.

matt waters says:

I lived in Seoul South Korea and you can’t compare US and Korea. 1 Korea is not free like the US 2. Korea is the size of California. Korea has CCTV camera’s everywhere. They watch everything you do.

Jen Lee says:

South Korea does NOT DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION OF PATIENTS. THERE IS NO SURVEILLANCE!!! The Korean government only discloses the patient's age, gender and places that he/she visited. Like Minister Kang said, the patient's movements are known to the public so that anyone who came in contact with that patient would come forward and get tested.

I don't even understand why people keep questioning and thinking that the Korean government is watching people's every move. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. The Korean government traces your movement only when it is confirmed that you are either infected or could potentially be infected and everything is anonymous!!! (For ex., Korea's super spreader is known as patient #31. We know nothing about her personal info like name, job, family info, etc.).

Also, think about what NYC did when the EBOLA incident occurred. NY TIMES published the ebola patient's name, pictures, and job, too!!!!!!! That sounds like privacy invasion, but did anyone even raise the privacy issue? Probably not because everyone was scared thinking that with ebola, you gotta do anything and everything to stop the spread.

But with COVID-19, people don't care because it is not a scary disease like Ebola and many think it is fake disease that governments around the world are creating to watch us like big brother. Well, at least you are wrong about South Korea, so I have no idea why people think South Korean government is invading privacy when it is not.

FYI, South Korea has recently donated over 2.5 million masks and PPEs to the U.S. Over 500k masks were directly sent to Korean War veterans. It has been 70 years since the war, but we will always remember and be grateful to these veterans.
South Korea is doing everything to help and I hope we can all work together to overcome this dreadful disease!

A A says:

Well done South Korea ! 3T.

J K says:

This type of leadership is non existent here with this administration

Gods knight Reborn says:

She sounds like President Trump why not criticize her 🧐 lmfao Democrat’s are stupid 🤓😂

samset2 Kone says:

Imaging Trump will be speaking like this to America!

hcm9999 says:

What if we all STOPPED TALKING??
Maybe we can stop the spread of the virus by simply asking people to STOP TALKING!

The virus leaves the body mostly through the mouth, either by coughing, sneezing or talking.
And for asymptomatic people, it needs to be talking.
The virus will not leave the body through the eyes. And probably not through the nose.
So the mouth is the only place where the virus can leave the body and infect other people.

The virus enters the human body through the mouth, nose or eyes.
But the virus leaves the human body mostly through the mouth.
If you simply shut your mouth, the virus will not leave the body!

Scientists in Japan concluded that crowded buses and trains are not areas of risk, because most Japanese people don't talk inside buses and trains:
"The experts also theorized that crowded trains did not form clusters because people riding public transportation in Japan usually do not engage in conversations. "

That opens the possibility of how we can have movie theaters and schools back again.
People simply need to be SILENT!
In the case of schools the teacher is the only person that needs to talk. The teacher should use microphone and speakers and/or some kind of separation and/or good ventilation to prevent his droplets from reaching the students.

Get Real says:

By keeping the TV off & staying off internet so nobody hears the 🐂💩.

Michael Davidson says:

Oh dear. Should be “its”; not “it’s”. The latter is short for “it is”.

general M bison says:

A lot if Americans are just too dumb to follow these measures.

Peter Johnson says:

Tge infected people's recovery rates from the coronavirus outbreak is now 92%. WoW.

내 구독자 수 우짱 종신형 될 확률 says:

국뽕이 차올라

Lindviore Silverlode says:

I have never been so proud of being South-Korean this much. Thx so much for all our healthcare workers and government 🙂

DJ Chai Wallah says:

Wow, Elizabeth Warren looks different…

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