How Is COVID-19 Affecting Relationships? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Waffle House starts selling its signature waffle mix, Saudi Arabia stops bombing Yemen due to the ongoing pandemic, Dr. Fauci offers a glimmer of hope, and coronavirus starts infecting relationships. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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Google User says:

On tonighta episode of
How bored is Trevor getting?
Well, tonight he taped himself-to tape himself, next to himself.

C3llular Films says:

I like this new phillip de Franco show

ShelbyBaby27 says:

I'm gonna see that Trevor clone in my dreams, I just know it!

Gustav Lundin says:

Well simply saying that Swedens strategy has been that young and healthy people should live their lives as usual is far from the truth. I belive very few that are actually affected would agree to that description. For example, all upper high schools and universities have transformed to online-only education, and any gathering above 50 people is forbibbed. Thus, school for the younger children is still open since if they're home, some of their parents also needs to be home taking care of the children. Many that are needed in health care an such. The problem of neighboring countries that have been shutting down everything is that they soon need to reopen schools, so they'll most certainly catch up, unfortunately.

Covers by Armzee says:

Ngl, I want all these different shades of Trevor's hoodies.

Matthew Coke says:

Ugh, Sweden

Ugh, New York

Every place I leave gets sick.. I swear to God I'm not causing this

Fer Arroyo says:

I can't do anything at home… Since I have a son, and because I used to work all day and now I'm at home 24/7 he doesn't leave my side…. I love it but I love my poop time… Jajaja

JariahxSynn says:

Thor axes Thanos in the chest. Thanos snaps fingers. Clogging commercial pops up completely misdirecting me. Trevor jokes about going for the head.

Nobody273 says:

The weird thing about the black panther joke is that Trevor is in the movie himself

Covers by Armzee says:

Well, actually coronavirus is making people realise the truth that their relationships aren't as strong as they might have thought.
It's a blessing in disguise in that case.

Fredrick Moyo says:

This year
Corona virus: Let me show you how to go viral, hold my virus

Eric says:

yo Trev, hook me up with a link on where I can buy your wine glasses. They look so baller!

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