Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Guide To Slow Cooking | Ultimate Cookery Course

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From slow-cooked beef short ribs to caramelised figs with ricotta, Gordon Ramsay shows some of his favourite slow cook recipes.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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DavosHS says:

Slow cooking should be a challenge in Master Chef; something they haven't done before.

helm mcgee says:

Beef stock: PERFECT

Chicken stock: fine

Jaime Cisneros says:

Can you imagine Gordon Ramsey having sex?

"This vagina is to die for."

Jude Clownworld says:

i tried some weird mushrooms once…i stared at the sky while we were camping for like 12 hrs and uncontrollably laughed the whole time, literally.
Wonder what those were called.

Dansoy Cook Bat in the Kitchen says:

i love watching you each day. you are my hero.. the legend of cooking

SleepyPuchzzz says:

Is that dog alright it just stands there

PlutoTheGod says:

This is pretty much Keith Floyds recipe that was passed down to Marco and then passed down to Gordon

Huey says:

Get at new editor!! The close close close up shots are cancer!
Edit: Decent cuts on! Hopefully atleast.

Jah B says:

Excited to try the fig recipe

alice stewert says:

“Season it with salt and pepper”
“Yes Chef!”
“Cut the garlic”
“Yes Chef!”
“Fuck off”
“Absolutely Chef!”

EdEddUndeady says:

If you pause at 14:15 when Gordon shuts the oven door, you can see some lady in the reflection just waitin' for dinner.

Brittany Rodriguez says:

I dont know if I can trust a man that puts mayonase and cabbage on tacos… He even burned the tortillas… Watch the video where Gordon attempts and fails at making street tacos. It was the worst pos I ever saw in my life and I was suprised because Gordon would have embarassed a chef on hells kitchen for making something so disgusting.

Tiara Brown says:

Gordon looking at his own dish: finally… some good fucking food

Back with the games says:

Gorden Ramsay that looks very mouth watering and delicious

Sengo94 says:

8:05 is there someone stealing a mushroom? 😂

quirks says:


B Felber says:

I’m assuming 170 Celsius?

GDT - Y96 says:

I bet he seasons and garlics his cereal and coffee

David Victor says:

Brisket is very expensive these days now that everyone realizes how great it tastes

joh rathbun says:

"Lock in flocculant."

Cantetinza17 says:

So yummy! Lol, I would have put the spare ribs in my crockpot after searing them. =)
I guess that's why I'm not a Chef. All of that looks delicious.

Giovanni D says:

3:54 oh shit! A roasted Chinese dragon puppy!

Anton Boludo says:

I have seen this video before. Lovely.

It was called how to cook beef short ribs, though.


I freaking hate watching The Master Chef Ramsay. Every time I work out, thinking i did something to lose weight. This Mother'F" er cooks the best beautiful dishes, makes me hungry and now I've ruined my diet.. "F" you Master Chef Ramsay for being so got damn perfect at cooking and showcasing your talent..

Therese says:

this is great. but the editing is giving me a headache. too many screen movements ;(

Trojanette83 says:

Regarding your brisket: if you"ve already had it in the oven for 3-4 hrs why are you putting it back in the oven for another "10" minutes? I don't understand that part of the recipe.
Thank you for considering my question.

Mrs Gumpie Gump says:

I could watch Gordon cook 24/7! You can tell how much he truly loves cooking, not just by the way he cooks but the way he describes his food and ingredients. If I could pick anyone dead or alive to sit down n have dinner with, it would be him, what a true fkn talent he is (and pretty damn sexy too tbh lol) ☺

Charlie Joost adventures says:

I love mushrooms

Marga Danks says:

U know morel mushrooms grow wild here, everyone goes in the spring and gets buckets full of them!

Voltz says:

Get u a man that can cook

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