Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course – Episode 8 – Making it Easy

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Recipes: Meatballs in fragrant coconut broth, Beef meatballs with orecchiette kale & pine nuts, Beef meatball sandwich with melting mozzarella & tomato salsa, Fiery meatball soup, Blondie.

Cooking tips: Slicing tuna carpaccio, leftover wine, freezing soups & stews, homemade ice cream, leftover lemons & limes.

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Celia Ugalde Gonzalez says:

You are amazing!!. I follow you!! I'm from Costa Rica. I'm an amateur cooker!. I'm 55 years old ! Congratulations because you can did that you want to do in this world and thak you for teach us !👍🌠

Otto Jones says:

Freezer food? Didn't you lambaste restaurants that didn't make fresh meatballs?

JMotion says:

Prepared meatballs using this recipe tonight and the family loved it. I followed the video up to when he cooked them, then rather than the broth, I mixed in Neapolitan sauce and served it with pasta. Even my brother who doesn't like store-bought meatballs loved them.
If anybody is on the fence about giving it a go, I say go for it.
For someone who'd never held an onion or fresh garlic before tonight, I reckon I was able to follow along pretty well. So I'm sure you could too.

Michael Williams says:

Gordon is a beast!!!!!!!

Alexandra Perea says:

I can watch Gordon cook all day long! The way he describes food is like no other, a true passion of his!

Ruby Twilite says:

Gordon! You're a LEFTY!!! Oh this is HUGE for me as I've been wanting to learn proper knife skills but most instructions have been from 'Righties' which doesn't help a Lefty like me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I pause and rewind frequently and I'm learning!

DarkHorse_2018 says:

"freeze meatballs" Really Gordon? coming from someone who "Hates people who Freeze food?" whatever

DarkHorse_2018 says:

Teaches KIDS to become great chefs????????? Are you kidding!? This is not for beginner/intermediate cooks.

Kris Frederick says:

Gordon used the other "F" word…in a positive way. This shatters years of Kitchen Nightmares code.

Roger Trahan says:

Vegetable and Canola?

Roxanne Tinch says:

Thanks, Chef Gordon!

Rachel Rennie says:

5:37 looks around, realizes that I don't have lemongrass. Uses Febreeze instead

All joking aside, I love these videos. I love watching him cook!

toodlum toya says:

To all the all the freezer comments, making your own foods fresh and then freezing for short time is nothing like buying foods frozen and then keeping them in the freezer for no telling how long. Makes great sense!

esnevip says:

Doesn't give you any measurements at all.
basically a waste of time.

greato80 says:

I thought he hated owners freezing freshmade food? I thought he said it dries food out when thawing frozen food?

Anstria Tarot says:

Didn't he blast every chef/cook in Kitchen Nightmares for serving frozen food?

Alexis Lanitis says:

I love how the number 1 reason for berating someone else in any other GR show is frozen food, yet in the home channel (if you will) he promotes it. Which is great cause we got kids and stuff however I've been following this guy for a while and even though I don't have a million 5 star restaurants I based my cooking philosophy on GR's fresh and best ingredients and cook fresh for my family everyday. Even found a pea farmer so we don't eat frozen peas. So it's just funny how he emphasises freezing the meatballs for another time when it takes 20 mins + fun and learning activity with kids making meatballs

UniqueSensitiveSnowflake says:

substitute for coconut broth?

RJ Shazia says:

where is the recipe for the Blondies?

Phil Nugent-Box Mods says:

LMAO, you don't need to spend alot of $ on kit for the kitchen, as he stands there with $$$$$ of kit

Bumgetear says:

If you wish the best olive oil in the world you should try Greece

Angienz1 says:

Does all anglo cooking involve using stock? My mum is the best cook i know and ive never ever seen her use stock

cathy judge says:

thought he said "with cooking tips and inflammation".. information

khrom says:

Never knew making meatballs would be so complicated.

Esa Skykke says:


rumi nova38 says:

did he at the end say good from frozen as well? !

choob says:

What is that cutting board made of

Scarlett Cooper says:

I've never wanted to be a Blondie until now! the way he talks about them….swoon. I'm a fan in love

Ashley S. MacKenzie says:

Wait a minute…freezer involvement???

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