Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course – Episode 4 – Cooking with Spice

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Recipes: Slow cooked fiery lamb, Chilli & spice whitebait, Roasted squash hummus, Curry spiced sweetcorn soup, Fragrant spiced rice pudding.

Cooking Tips: zesting a lemon, finely chopping garlic, peeling a ginger, leftover vanilla pods, leftover spices.

Guide: spices (cinnamon, sumac, turmeric, Hungarian paprika, black pepper, cardamom, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, saffron)

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wena tahakwano says:

u should try khart next time

wena tahakwano says:

Now thats ORGANIC

Mike Berry says:

Gordon Ramsay you suck

Claire Kessinger says:

4:43 what is it

david doggy says:

Do you actually read this reviews on your channe. Is their a soup made with only spice & herbs that is good?

Jonathan Phạm says:

12:55 Sorry I didnt get what is the name of the spice anyone knows?

Fumiko Nakazawa Yūgumu says:

I Remember one fail i did it was when i mixed Smoked Paprika powder,Curry powder and a other spice wich i don't remember but it tasted like nothing somehow but Smoked Paprika powder doesn't cancel out the taste of the Curry powder so the Spice wich i don't remember canceled out the taste,But a friend of mine Made Curry wurst and i told him that Curry powder works well with smoked Paprika powder he tried it and told Me the Recipe and i Remade the Sauce and Honestly that sauce was the first he made,it actually tasted good

Doug G says:

He’s a little too militant in his delivery. I wanna chill, smoke weed and cook love 🙂

davidkuinov says:

4:56 lamb in the oven for three hours but what about the temperature?

Canadian hitman says:

Pfffft I’m Hungarian you know I don’t cook anything without paprika

Randall Sunderland says:

Would this work well on pork chops? Or t bone steak?

Michael Bertoni says:

Violation of Copyright

Chordcaster says:

I met Mrs. Dash's husband — he's a real decent cumin being

Rebecca Hearne says:

Give enough instruction please you said red and green chilies Serrano's what kind of Chili's please get back to me on that.

MrNoobDancer says:

He added stock into the lamb. What stock was it?

Yoim Agod says:

12:09 there's a guy who looked through the window over her left shoulder 😂😂

Sl4epless says:

If you really want extra and strong flavor I perfer seasoning your taste buds and mouth before the food enters your mouth.

Sofiya Yourashchuk says:

this is so good

Roach Nigga says:

salt peppa

Ahmed Mohmed says:

we have good qualty spice .we ca shiping it for you https://www.ebay.com/itm/312516396995?ul_noapp=true

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