Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Chicken Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay shows how to shake things up with these top chicken recipes.
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Sergio Aracil says:

I've heard that drum beat in other kind of videos

Let me Sleep says:

Your intro makes me double think if I’m watching p*rn

Angie Tyndall says:

Don't forget Buttermilk Biscuits and mashed potatoes& gravy w/ the fried chicken🤤.

Dark Knight says:

Besides watching … did anyone ever cook his recipes?

Just some random Idiot says:

Does abyone actually cook here ?

Tony Lawlor says:

Putting sugar in my dinner, no thanks and deffo NOT for diabetics.

Devi_ says:

Is everyone ignoring the fact that the intro sounded like a pornhub vid? Just me?

Northwest Olympics 411 says:

That's why I use a dutch oven. Makes best tender bird

Steve Cheregosha says:

When Gordon says 180 degrees, is that F or C??

omi89 says:

If Ramsay is not yelling and insulting someone its not the same 😆

im sirius907 says:

How is he not cutting up the camera while he cooks?? Such still. A true master.

Christopher mathew alex says:

Can we try it every day ?
That's a wonderful question

Christopher mathew alex says:

If u really wanna try spicy dishes, then try Indian dishes especially Kerala dishes. Please watch #Markweins videos

Jesse Corral says:

Goodbye flavorless chicken 👋 time for some juicy spicy chicken 🤤 thanks Gordon Ramsay

Peter Griffin says:

What I would not give to be reborn as a chicken cooked by Gordon Ramsay

tech four9 says:

who eats all this food?

Harry Potter says:

That sound when number is showing is kinda similar to orange-black awesome video brand….

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