Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Be A Better Baker | Ultimate Cookery Course

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Gordon Ramsay shows how to be a better baker, and demonstrates recipes such as a leek and pancetta quiche, beef empanadas and baked cheesecake.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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2047tommy thompson says:

Talk about close ups

Zexro says:

2:27 does anyone notice the dog having a seizure

Kenan Kenan says:

Please show your cameraman where the zoom out button is

Blu-ray Benn says:

Why is it that whenever I try and do something from Gordan Ramsey´s channel, I always follow his instructions and nothing comes out the same!!!
200g of flour, 200g of butter, check, mix it together, and mine is too soggy, not dry at all, and he is adding water because it is too dry!!!
When I finally get it to the same consistency as him (adding quite a lot more flour), I put it in the oven for ten mins with the aluminium foil and rice, after ten mins it is still completely raw, doesn´t look like his at all! put it in for another 5mins and it comes out like his. then when I take out the foil with the rice, some of the base comes up with the foil, aarrgghhh! All in the bin, never again!

Jezzica Estes says:

Why does this sound like Bob ross?

Muses Sadi says:

Sorry Gordon but that's how you make Moroccan pastilla

Henrietta E. says:

I love how intense Gordon is cooking. So much grunting and throaty whispers. Lol

Debbie Lynn says:

Tears off plastic wrap w teeth. Rips up foil like a boss. I luv the bare bones hands on feelz to Gordon's cooking. Like just get in there and do it. Have funnn. I luv it, myself. Relaxing.

Don Wald says:

Cream in carbonara? hahahaha find your nearest Italian and ask about that!

Tk PAL says:

So I followed all the steps and fucked up don’t know how or why never cooking again

alisha universe says:

I wish i was related to you so i could eat all that good food

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