Gordon Is Blown Away By Small Indian Restaurants Performance & Food | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

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This week’s full episode of Ramsay’s Best restaurant, two of the highest voted Indian restaurants battle it out in Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

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neverfae says:

"This restaurant seats 22"
"My 30 diners are on the way"

blumberg1982 says:

I love Indian food!

a says:

You choose my restaurant I wish it would happen

Leon Brooks says:

That’s it, I’m having an Indian tonight 😂🤷‍♂️

F G says:

What's this restaurant and where? I couldn't understand

Jaspreet Singh says:

Worked in this Restaurant during my study time. 3 pounds an hour.in 2002.. well done….Mr. Gullu and team at Brilliant.

julie Wallis says:

It’s good to see Gordon enjoying some food. Man that vegetarian Indian restaurant looked great.

TizerisT says:

I know an Anglo-Indian guy who lived in Southall his whole life and he used to tell me about Brilliant. There must be a thousand indian restaurants there and that was the one he recommended.

Aaron Humphrey says:

English people can't handle any heat in their food lol.

mc9758 says:

Prasad’s team deserves to win!

Vincent Zhou says:

There's going to be that one restaurant
that serves some really foreign out-of-the-box food

and the head chef is going to be the palest-whitest dude ever

Shivani Pal says:

Basmati is a very good Indian restaurant it is in Annapolis,Maryland

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