Global National: April 8, 2020 | Premiers call for more COVID-19 testing and increased screening

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Travis Dhanraj explains why Ontario is lagging behind on COVID-19, and what exactly Premier Doug Ford is calling for. Tom Vernon reports on Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s idea to track travellers returning from abroad, and Kenney’s plan to bolster a battered economy. And Mercedes Stephenson looks at B.C. Premier John Horgan’s new steps to control COVID-19, as questions are raised about the lack of testing at land borders, and the potential for terrorist groups to weaponize COVID-19.

The federal government has relaxed some qualifications for the new Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, so more Canadians will be able to receive financial aid. Mike Le Couteur looks at the revisions, and what gaps still need filling.

Jeff Semple looks at how a new, Canadian-designed crowdsourcing tool is being used to track the spread of COVID-19. And Mike Armstrong speaks with Canada’s Dr. Joanne Liu, the former head of Doctors Without Borders, about her experience with other health crises abroad, and what governments need to prepare for once the pandemic ends.


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Innerage37 says:

cant believe I used to watch this news. Lol So He's sure this will be our new normal? Lol How the F does he know? Especially if it was created and not just from meat market? Hmmm… Sounds odd, where does his info come from saying this will be our new normal? The W.H.O?

Asad Khan says:

Blue viper (Snake) shayad ye kuch tu madad karega to fight covid 19 ye meri apni sonch hai

discoveryman59 says:

Maybe a test to see if most of us have had it already and now have immunity, we could all be sitting at home for nothing.

ElectroMarcin says:

📣📣📣📢If this won't t stop in 2 years it will infect 1/4th of the world's population and at that rate and time thingsmight and will collapse birth as well since medical and other sectors will practically collapse it might very well be the end in 2 years from all levels it will collapse it self on very weak and frigile infrustructure made by money. 🌍🌎🌏🌐🗺️📣📢

Lucky says:

Premier Ford is a buffoon who speaks sweet words and does nothing! He promotes himself like trump and accomplished little!
Results are all that matter. You in the media. Smarten up! Stop parroting what the politicians say. Are you in his payroll like fox news?
Report what is really happening at the front lines.
How can you be so gullible!
Ford is fooling you!
Nothing is arriving at front lines!
Still no PPE nor testing at long term care facilities. How long are you going to allow this liar to con you!
Outbreaks are the first that should be addressed and still
Vote out this walrus of a human being.
Don’t be gullible like the Americans.
Ford is lying about his accomplishments.
He is useless.
Check out the outbreaks at the front lines .

Perfect Storm 22 says:

The more negative people are, the longer the virus will be sticking around. You may not see it now but you will in the future. May as well change to positive thoughts now, as we are all transitioning to a new reality collectively. It is up to each individual to raise their frequencies to joy and harmony. Look at the studies done by Masaru Emoto on effects of positive vibrations on water crystals. Watch the videos on my channel about Covid-19, Virgo Super Full Moon was March 2020 energies and Libra Super Full Moon is energies of April 2020. Some other great information is on the channel 'Soulful Revolution'

Hope Hope says:

South Korea now today new case 39. Flat curve remain. Wear mask. Keep social distance. Canada can do. Follow up.

JPLX Labelle says:

They wanted to secure a stockpile of crack for our premier, before anything else. Crack dealers have stated that Ford is all stocked up now (on crack), and ready to help others now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

In order to actually determine what percentage of people have it they have to do large-scale randomized testing of the population. Until this is done we will never know a) how many people contracted it and built immunity b) what percentage of people have it but are assymptomatic c) what is the true lethality of the disease in Canada d) when it will be appropriate to lift lockdown. Without randomized testing we are blind and pushing the lockdown date is not based in science but basically guesswork.

Danny Sullivan Music says:

There is very secret news about this story if you read more




very secret news about this story

leon swallow says:

YOU know hitler gave everyone a radio now we have CBC global ctv filling in the void for the globalist satanist authoritarian agenda propagandist

Quebec Patriot says:

test on Monday, catch it on Tuesday….this is comical

Quebec Patriot says:

can somebody tell the old ladies in supermarkets to stop manipulating every freakin packs of meat as well….dumb people are a dime a dozen

Chris r says:

We want drive through testing. Provence wide. All provinces

Samuel Trinh says:

"A number of people including some being accused of serious crimes are being released from correctional facilities in Canada which are being at high risk" yikes.

deckuofm says:

Rich and politiсians should have less parties and conferences in the future, working only from their cabinets online.

deckuofm says:

It looks like only rich are sick for now. When poor get sick the problem will grow a lot. Poor are on streets and in transit more.

T West says:

The politicians and their open border policies are going to destroy whats left of the health care system. Health care workers are only going to take so much.

Jerry Haase says:

0.0002 percent of the world are confirmed cases…..even if this got 1000 times worse that's 0.2 percent…..I m not a conspiracy theorist…..but this just might be mass hysteria…..

Don E. Dussault says:


xafa xafa says:

the only terror groups are the federal and government officials lool…

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