Facing New Danger From Covid-19 In Prison, “Orange Is The New Black” Author Calls For Reform | MSNBC

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Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black, joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to talk about how coronavirus is spreading in prisons: “The only way to combat those outbreaks is to reduce those populations in prisons and jails.” Aired on 04/09/2020.
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Facing New Danger From Covid-19 In Prison, “Orange Is The New Black” Author Calls For Reform | MSNBC


Ngeow Hoi Wan says:

“The only way to combat those outbreaks is to" TEST them. Isolate those tested +positive. Uninfected people will NOT likely to be infected and infected people WILL infect others. SIMPLE!!!

ValhalaFiveSix says:

I like this lady, reminds me of my boss.

ducatiist says:

I work for a hospital in Wisconsin and the furloughs have already begun. RN's being sent home WITHOUT pay. It's an absolute ghost town in our hospital right now. If this keeps up I'll be out of a job. We have COVID19 patients but only one death in our entire county so far. More people die from flu/pneumonia/septic shock. I feel this is some sort of derailed train of media hysteria. Do people not understand Donald Trump is actually right (I can't believe I'm saying this) but the cure (quarantining the entire nation) is worse than the virus. This will not be an easy economic recovery! The only legislation we really need right now is preventing mortgage companies and landlords from evicting people. Homelessness will be rampant. When will people realize "Safer at home" is not safer if you "don't have a home"!!!!!!!

Losaiko Vote!!! says:

Many prisons and jails have non-violent people who could be released.

Jeffrey Decker says:

Let's all do our part! We are getting our masks for family, friends, and donations to the homeless, from my buddy's USA based apparel company. This is the website: @t

High Mountain Fishing says:

chuck todd SUCKS ! !

Dave Jones says:

Perfect. Want a side order of break and enter with your coronavirus?

Viking says:

Trump. 🇺🇸👍

K W says:

The US should be ashamed of themselves… they were not sentenced to death!

my spoter in the crock says:


A S says:

Trump is like a virus. They need a host to cause chaos and destruction.

due whit says:

Orange is the new black death

Ronald Hagadorn says:

What is the bad side of prisoners dying!! Let them die!!!

Angie Cee says:

Is there a way to donate these items? Or any money even if it's a small amount. When my brother was in prison we couldn't send anything until approved on his visitor list.

林正陽 says:

It's really a problem
prisoners who have incarcerated over half of their sentences and misdemeanor inmates might be evaluated bailling first.

Nancy smith says:

Thank you Piper, for caring so much for our brothers and sisters in lock-up. Bless you.

Renee Speece says:

word on the street is 100% of the inmates were pulled over for a broken taillight and didn't do nothing.. AmeriKKKa you racist. Let the prisoners go. Abolish the prisons.

Angelica RoseMarie says:

America/MSNBC, Trump supporters/voters … President Donald J. Trump,
Vice President Mike Pence task force, governors, mayors, and public health officials,
within "ALL 50 States," …
How will your overall professional executive leadership, expeditiously help to slow/stop
the … rapid spread of Coronavirus throughout state prisons within the U.S.A.?!?
Vice President Mike Pence task force ……
Why are prisoners showing symptoms of COVID-19, allowed to walk freely "without being tested for coronavirus" among the inmate population, and interact with correction officers?!? This is definitely a serious potentially dangerous & deadly prison/public health risk.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi/Congress/Senate Republicans… Where's your investigations?
What's up, with prison inmates depletion/not receiving adequate supplies of soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc., etc., etc., and basic hygiene essentials?!?
They're forced to endure, possibly being infected with the coronavirus and not able to have adequate hygiene essentials to clean their bodies, brush their teeth, etc., etc., …
These prison inmates would be forced to have no control of their eventual unpleasant
body odors and have to smell the other prison inmates unpleasant body odors,
because they're not getting adequate, basic supply of hygiene essentials.
AMAZON, Jeff Bezos, Johnson & Johnson, or other lucrative business establishments
like Trader Joes, Hilton Hotels, etc., etc., etc., can coordinate with Trump, Pence task force, governors, mayors, Private Sector executives, public health officials … to adequately supply prisons in "ALL 50 States with hygiene essentials for prison inmates.
President Donald J. Trump … is a "Trump Tower Genius." He can, "MAKE THE CALL!!!"
If, these prison inmates … doesn't receive adequate basic hygiene essentials, and safe protection from COVID-19 … this can become a serious deadly health problem, public health hazard, due to prison inmates direct interactions with correction officers, and potentially cause a dangerous prison riots.
Vice President Mike Pence task force … WHAT'S YOUR PLAN FOR THESE PRISONS?!?
What public safety health precautions are correctional officers & their support team, taking
to safely protect themselves/their families from COVID-19?!?
This seems to be … somewhat "Private Sector/U.S. federal government" inhumane treatment,
of American citizen prison inmate's basic human rights.
Our U.S. executive leaders, governors, mayors, public health officials, overall federal government can do sooooo much better to … "GET THE JOB DONE!!!"

Tim Alford says:

How could the Donald deny this blood shed??

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