Espanyol vs Barcelona [2-2], La Liga 2020 – MATCH REVIEW

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Espanyol and Barcelona played out a 2-2 draw to start 2020 with Wu Lei scoring a late equaliser for the home side. After Luis Suárez and Arturo Vidal had helped put Barça ahead.

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TalkFCB says:

The first match review of 2020… but it's a pretty similar story guys. What was your thoughts on the game?

barmy says:

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Devo says:

Goodbye Valverde.

john me says:

Pique showed his leadership ,, de jong shouldn’t play that did cuz it too dangerous,, busquest never lose the ball unless it’s a foul or he fouls someone

john me says:

Rakitic played so bad ,, Messi too ,, umtiti needs to play more first options,, pique doesn’t play well with lengley ,, semodo needs to play more he plays better with messi, take load ofthat right side Messi has more space and time to function

Mati K. Rool says:

Muestra el partido tonto conxetumarw

Arson Raut says:

Nothing against the tactics here but where is squad rotation! Bring in Tobido,Riqi puig!!!!

Arson Raut says:

Sell rakitic not Vidal!

Namiluko Sikufele says:

Vidal always changes the game…

Omarr El says:

Valverde can't even pick out a good starting XI. #ValverdeOUT!

Tulsa Regmi says:

Why is valverde in the school when he never does his homework nicely?

Legolas says:

Thanks for not having a negative voice even tho we played so badly.

Lefranc Fernando redondo says:

Gyet manman nou nou fout fem perdu yon kob 😿

JP TV says:

Nobody talked about griezman

barry clegg says:

I think the title will go down to the wire. I reckon ww will win because we have more goals in our team than wot Madrid have. Currently benzema is in great form but after him you have Ramos on two goals whereas we have Messi and Suarez banging them in and griezmann is coming good.thats wot will be the difference I believe .

Master Sachin says:

Valverde should be sacked

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