Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon demonstrates a perfect way to start your day.

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Michael Robin Byrne says:

nice for breakfast

Baileigh Clancy says:

I make this but breakfast burger form, 2 toasted McMuffins, butter, avocado, two pieces of bacon, poached egg and holandaise sauce 🤤

Paranoid Vision says:

Why am I watching this when I’m hungry..

Prodawg says:

What? You egg? he stabs him

Bryan Charles says:

Would you be able to do any keto ?

Trilla Resurgence says:

I was expecting fnaf references

Breas the Beautiful says:

Now I'm starving

Meilì Barbie says:

I just had to be allergic to eggs

mobïus helldoctor says:

weird I feel like I can do that

Ubi_MMC says:

Dopo questa "sh*t" un prosciuttificio ha preso fuoco!

R. H. says:

That looks absolutely hideous 😂😜

AiNoMijo XD says:

Imagine eating your home cooked breakfast while a guy records your family eating with a 10x Sniper Scope lens

Xyyn DGreat says:

That makes my mouth watery

the rohitk says:

More butter

_Ceygar_ says:

Nobody :

Jagatai says:

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass ad on a Gordon Ramsay vid. Best.

Георгий Камушкин says:

Ниче так харчи

RhinoTed says:

Looks delicious

Zwykły Użytkownik says:

I only clicked here because I thought there gonna be this actor Benedict CrispyParmaHam(or how was it) in this video

Kilo760 says:


Rupert Q says:

I'm hollandaised and confu… OK nevermind.

Tokyo Japan says:

I'd love if they left the recipe in the description

Sir Meliodas says:

Who wants to eat Gordon Ramsey’s food and scream at him and tell him it’s disgusting

Cwen Lopez' TV says:

No one:

Not a single soul:

Me:Why am i watching this if i cant even afford a bottle of olive oil?

RedMasterJV says:

It would be great to know how much butter he's using with the 3 yokes. That would make this recipe useful

spehizle says:

I like this guy way more than the shouting maniac on TV.

Martin Benian says:

Ja to video pustil manzelce, a od te doby snidame pouze vejce Benedikt:-) Mnam

Peter Petigrew says:

The only thing i can make is pooh 😧💩

Lestat gg says:

Ha scambiato il prosciutto crudo di Parma come fosse una minchia di pancetta 🤦‍♂️

0AK says:

I wouldn't run to sit in front of those.

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