east london thrift shopping with eve cornwell (and a cheeky lil try-on haul)

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hey eve cornwell, can we go THRIFT SHOPPING????? join us for a thrifting adventure around east london, with a menswear try-on haul at the end as well

thrift stores we visited: hunky dory, serotonin, brick lane vintage, search & destroy, rokit, atika, and some marketplace stalls (sunday)

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Cathy Leffler says:

The badge is the Boston Bruins hockey team logo

unicorn 2108 says:

This is my first video of you that I've seen and you are so cute with eve omg you're so funny together!!! I need to see more vids on you're channel!

amy bower says:

the Japanese means shibuya skirt! like a skirt from shibuya

gary says:

Eve cornwell is the most american name i hear this month

Jeremy M says:

North East gang

Badrobot says:

If the T-shirt says 'twat' then it's a great fit, save that, have TWAT tattooed on your forehead to save everyone the 30 secs in takes to work it out for themselves!

Sarah Rose Julian says:

If Grant Guston was British. Probz just me who thinks this…

kay johns says:

Where abouts are those stores, is that in Kingston near Westfield? 💜

Bea Barl says:

when you let out the beanie out of the huge bag, i laughed 🙂

Dragon Fly says:

OMG that was me in the back, i love your videos!! sad you called me a cretin:(

ellie says:

8:31 i spat my drink out again

DakuDva says:

I hate living in Bicester

marie yocum says:

hahaha i love this why can’t i have thrift stores like this where i live?

fabrice duchenne says:

Hi ! Mister Jack

Ami S says:

1:49 what is this shop called?😍

Abi M says:


jemima says:

"I could poo with excitement."

Christina C says:

I like the bowling sweater

L H says:

The bowling ball one looks good

naveed memon says:

Hey jack..make more and more videos..I like ur videos at durham uni as well..love from pakistan😍😍

Lindsey says:

that hat is a bruin's hat! it's the hockey team for boston, massachusetts! look at u all sporty and such

Eva Fritchie says:

D of e was genuinely the worst experience of my life – I’m shocked I still passed

Isabel Parke says:

instantly subbed for that dofe reference I think every british teen can relate

zoë says:

i've just watched like all of your videos tryna figure out who ur voice reminds me of and i just figured it outtttt
u sound sm like tom daley you are fully adorable and i love your style

karmabitch xoxo says:

do a vedio on the international students at Durham please

Maxine Neumann says:

kalsdjflskdjflskdjf thats a boston bruins beanie and we do not stan them

Maxine Neumann says:

ur map is a mercator projection and it hurts to look at

Daniel Jillskog says:

Jack saying "this badge thing" when referring to Boston Bruins wounds me ;(

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