Drunk Rick Method Acting: Vol. 2 | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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Rick and Morty Full Episodes: http://asw.im/91JAJ2
Justin Roiland offers another glimpse of his craft and boozing skills.

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TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

At the one minute mark is when the alcohol kicks in, HARD.

master of magnetism says:

I am allso dyrunk masybe

ELLZ GTA says:

You and Seth MacFarlane should hang. You both are amazing doing multiple voices on one show.

andrewcampbell1937 says:

They should do a Morty turns retarded episode…

Rick: alright doc… We gotta put him down.. He's retarded now…

Morty: doing airplane impressions and has massive adhd

Doctor: now we just can't put him down.. That stuff is illegal in your universe..

Rick: well can we just give him a shot… To make him smarter.. You know.. A shot or something…

Morty: still acting like airplane.

Doctor floopynoops: I'm sorry there's nothing we can do for poor Morty.. I'm afraid.. He's going to be even more retarded then usual..

Rick: oh fuck damnit fine

Portal opens Rick and Morty leave doctors office and enter garage..

Rick: okay Morty… So umm… Are you listening.. Can u here me?

Morty: starts being an airplane.. Rickkkkkk I'm a fucking astronaut..

Rick: okay Morty Morty.. Calm down.. Go fly your little but.. Your buns.. Upstairs.. And lie down for a bit.. Go give that laptop an old test run.. Or something..
Here here's a. Portal morty

Rick pushes Morty into a portal that lands him in his bed.. Morty continues acting like an airplane..

Rick: fuck if I can't help him.. I'm at least gonna have to make him a helmet or something..

Oh god what am I gonna tell Beth…

Where am I gonna find a new Morty??

Beth:goes upstairs to check on Morty…

Morty sweety?

Morty: hi mom! Where's sister and Jerry… Do we still have snowball? Woooooooo ( (Morty still being retarded )

Beth: hi sweety.. No.. I know you know we've talked about this.. I know it's hard but Jerry's not coming back.. And snowball took off a long time ago Morty…

I know it's tough but we will get through this together.. As a family…

Summer walks buy sees Morty jumping on bed..

Summer: what the hell is Morty doing.. He's acting retarded

Beth: you know it's tough for Morty cuz of the breakup…

Summer: whatever I'm going to work at the bimbo club
Summers 18 now and a stripper..

Beth: Morty are you okwy?

Morty: jumping on bed acting like a chicken

Beth: where is Rick?

Rick :still in garage teleports to the citadel.. Starts speaking to some Morty town locos from off the street…

Hey do any of you assholes know where I can get a new Morty?

Morty town locos: yeah you need a Morty? You seem like a well established Rick..

Rick: I'm the rickest Rick of all Rick's… I'm the god rick

Do you got a Morty or not?

Morty town locos: sure… Come meet our boss..
He's the mortiest Morty…

Introduce evil Morty…


Anybody wanna add to this feel free.

Leah C says:

Lol love it

Philsner Dai Deng Iso says:

I love this exclusive thank you Adult Swim

Daniel Nikrasov says:

Now I know why it takes so long

eager beaver says:

Let's all get shwifty 😀

Salvador Tony says:

The sequel no one asked for, but we all secretly needed.

Γιώργος Παγώνας says:


Utlwang Molefe says:


José Mário Silva Júnior says:

The whole point of justin creating the show is to stay drunk at work

Jack Of Shades says:

Suck my big fat butt hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole.

Spencer Hamblen says:

If you can’t act drunk without actually drinking what kind of actor are you? Just pathetic , never found this show funny. Now I really don’t find this show funny 🙄

Stephen Higham says:

Mad mad genius

Just another dead meme says:

Youtube+gives+me+life+because+we+dont+have+Rick and morty+in+Latvia

Now put it together!

MeisterJohnny007 says:

Hopefully he doesn't end up as an alcoholic, giving up Rick and Morty… 😡
Without him it wouldn't be Rick and Morty.

Obsidianation says:

His voice sounds so distinct from Rick

Cacamoles says:


Sam Dawes says:

Do you, guys. Genuine greatness takes as long as it takes.

Cody Huddleston says:

Dam shits fucken hilarious 😂😂

Lost and Forgotten. says:

I hope we get a grown up drunk Morty from the future or a different dimension

Rachel X. says:

2:33 best… ringtone…ever…

DaRealMrsRaymond says:

I think I love him

Den Ben says:

отличная работа)))

Maximus Gillisuit says:

Justin your awesome

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