Drew Brees Postgame Reactions After Wild Card playoff loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints Football

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees postgame interview after the New Orleans Saints’ Wild Card playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the 2019 NFL season.

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John PALMER JR says:

The Saints had better look at Jacob Eason or Love or this will continue to be the out come.

Kaitlyn Gautreau says:

Like wtf drew.

jimbo gasoline says:

I like Brees, but he isn't playing great anymore. He's definitely better than Bridgewater and Hill but it's not a huge gap. What you would pay Brees compared to the other QBS, you could have more all around talent with a small drop off at qb. Saints need to really think about what they are gonna do. It's better to move on a year early than a year late.

Sean DeMarco says:

Another big blown call by the refs I heard …

Glad I am not foolish to watch this garbage football anymore. I didn't watch a game this year after what the Saints got done to them last year which was definitely fixed / related to gambling. Why did some casinos / sportsbooks give people their money back? LOL!

Also .. the Cheatriots … I complained about them for years and the year I watch no football games I still can't escape their BS as they had SpyGate 2.0 …

NFL is garbage! Stop supporting people.

Gary Wildey says:

Funny how all the armchair coaches think they know more than the coach. Who dat nation…. What a joke!

Jason Sliger says:

When is Seans contract up?

david dunn says:

Bread needs to go retire as been Hill needs to start

Ice Cold says:

We played our worst game of the year. And still almost Won!!!

Julian Acosta says:

3 years in a row skol Vikings van now

Ian Daniels says:

Yeah I am a pissed off with the NFL, and all the BULLSHIT. You want to see the truth in what I am saying? Take time off on a Friday night and go watch a really good high school football. Why you ask? Because you will never see as many mistakes made on the field from a really good high school football team. The NFL is supposed to much more advanced, and the mistakes made on the field are such bullshit. LOL, people we are talking billions of dollars here in the best coaching staffs, the best equipment, etc. Coach Sean Peyton, I like the guy, but he is as predictable as tomorrow coming. We all sit on the sofa and can tell what the next play will be by the Offensive line up on the field. There are no special tactics being used anymore with this coaching staff. Its the same Saints game plan for every team coming to play them. Drew is a good QB, but the time of the 1 dimension pocket passer is slowly going away. It is the time of the 3 second QB, that can either pass or run. Sure like I said the same saints show will be back next year, and I will find something better to do on my Sundays.

Ian Daniels says:

I have to admit, I am watching the Vikings vs 49ers right now, and last week Cousins was on target where ever he threw without making hardly any mistakes. Here ya go, in this game he just now throws a ball directly to 49ers DB Sherman for an interception. I call it RIGGED SHIT! Vikings defensive line cannot get a rush like last week,  or stop the 49ers run game with 10 in the box, such bullshit. Last week the Saints could not do anything, unless Taysum came in, and this week its all 49ers. Why is this? Its due to the loss of money from the 49ers from COLON, its not whos better. Think about the Rams last year, they looked unstoppable, why? Its because they were building a new stadium, and tickets were only 35% sold so they wanted them sold out. So, the RAMS looked like the baddest team in the NFL. Only to bow to the patriots, give me a F##king break. Watch next year the 49ers will come back and choke like the rams are doing now. Why is this? Its to direct the attention to another NFL team to get the millions up. F##king fake shit!GOOD LUCK NFL/WWE, you will never get anymore of my money.

Brandon Hardesty says:

My pappy would puke… I love drew brees as a player and a human being. And I love the saints even more. Growing up my favorite team was the 49ers. But I live 90 miles from new orleans so I always pulled for them too.

But my point of this narrative is after three years in a row of absolute heartbreaking, ugly crying in the hour long hot shower afterwards upon reflection is that this year Brees absolutely cost the saints this game singlehandedly.


peter oneil says:

FIX was in on that game, good job Brees !

Bobby Pellegrin says:

It doesn't matter let's see what they do this Sunday

CB FIT Runner says:

Back up early????they got a fumble at the 30…how is that backed up

Grant Taft says:

Honestly, I don’t think the Saints are going to the playoffs next year and this is coming from a Saints fan.

Efrain Dimas says:

I'm unsure if Brees will come back my gut tells me he will. No one wants to end their career that way so, I think he will play more. Question is, do we want him starting again?

Quazzar Andromeda says:

Thank you for blessing us with a trip to Santa Clara 🙏#SKOL

Tyler Woodside says:


Lashunda Smith says:

Im a Pats fan and i can honestly say when Titans put us out i was rooting for the Saints. Mad respect for Brees. Keep pushing guy😘

KedWebDev2011 says:

I know people don’t wanna hear this but Drew Brees is a huge part of why the Saints lost. That FUMBLE IN THE RED ZONE killed the momentum Saints had and gave it to the Vikings.

Michael Rotherham says:

We always look past the teams like Vikings and get confident just to lose cause they thought they had it easy Reminds me of classic saints once they get a lead they would stop trying and teams would come back and win by a point

stevegieseke says:

As a Viking fan, I wanted Brees when he left San Diego. Heck of a career.

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