Dr. Birx shares promising coronavirus statistics

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Dr. Deborah Birx speaks about the nation’s continuous decrease in mortality as well as a decrease in new hospitalizations due to Covid-19 at the White House coronavirus task force briefing.
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Debaucherous MrNiceGuy says:

😂🤣😂 just here to see all the liberals who were wrong. So many years of being wrong. This sort of shame just can’t be washed away.

Amanda Crawford says:

Why is she prattling on about flu? Is she trying to confuse everyone?

Rockinghorse Winner says:

Gotta get the country opened. Don't listen to these marxist shills, people. They would like nothing better than to crash the economy, get poor Joe Biden elected and turn their media machine into even more of a propaganda BS contraption than it is NOW!

Fean Marie says:

You think Trump understand what she is saying?

The Daily Challenge says:

How come you guys aren't talking about. Biden saying you ain't black if you dont vote for him????????Lol

Emanuel Johnson says:

Damn should we reopen now ? Our masters are saying its okay to go out.

SJ ? says:

She looks really sick 🤢🤮🤧

Angel Rivera says:

Sold out to Trump

Trent Montgomery says:

Very cool information for those who seek to be Eunuchs Matthew 19, Isaiah 56:4 might as well throw in some fat injections while your at it. https://www.facebook.com/1071556406/posts/10219479464591885/

大懒熊 says:

Here are the BS

John Luna says:

Thank you president Trump for your amazing leadership and strength while we rid this country of corruption.

Richard Ball says:

CA not on the list…🤔 less than 1%


Fantastic Dr. Birx! When is the White House reopening for public tours?

James MC says:



Cash says:

Lies. Cases still on the rise here in AZ. No way are we in the green.

onehit pick says:

She's charismatic and smart, but what is "playing gawf" ?

Brian Searle says:

There has been no decrease in mortality over time. It's been the same we just didn't have all the numbers.

Jenns Goodlife says:

Yeah. I don't trust Dr. Birx anymore. I just feel like she's now a paid "yes woman " to trump after not standing up to trump when he was going off the rails. Trump has one motivation…..Not go to prison, just yet.

Ruthe Johnston says:

What happened with the first comment out of her mouth, about a summary of lives lost to Covid? The next breath she switches to an exciting thing! Decreasing mortality! What is wrong with these people? Just pause, on the message of sympathy. Like one second…try.

Mr.Tinfoilman LIVE says:

Breaking News…. Hi

Raul Torres says:

Jajajajaja i see Sr. Trump, pencil on all this lines ! jijijiji

Joyce Bowen says:

She actually defended the disenfectant She should stay in her doctors role And be serious with it When Trump talks shit correct him on the spot Stop bending down your head Otherwise the American people will not thrust you More than half the country already dont trust you doctor And you made it that way Couldent defend the disenfectant

jhuang2007 says:

She still has her job because she gave in to trump!

Stratos Fear says:

The exciting thing!? Really you traitor

Lucille Nathan says:

Dr. Birx is no shrinking violet. She weathered the AIDS storm. She doesn't respond to President Trump's remarks or news media's barbs. She gets the job done. She sticks to her job. This lady has guts. She's relentless.

justtestingonce says:

Wtf? Seriously wtf? Totally misleading data to paint a rosy picture, how are we different from China, lying to our citizens. My goodness, that chart with green was so bad.

LairdDougal says:

Hard to see encouragement in any statistics when you continue to have infections at 20,000+ a day and daily deaths consistently over 1000. And that’s with people self isolating and some governors resisting the rush to obey Trump. What she is presenting is a picture of the past. You cannot predict favourable trends when you’re about to shift one of the major variables. So here’s my forecast: 120,000 deaths by June 30. Increasing infections and an increase in daily deaths through July. End of July 140,000+ deaths.
It’s also very hard to accept this presentation when we know that Republicans have been manipulating or surprising data (viz Florida), and when the good Doctor has damaged her credibility.

jhuang2007 says:

You know we can't trust anything coming out from the WH, right? Trump again "sharpie" the data trying to make you believe it's safe to go out … remember how Bush WH made up reasons to attack Iraq? Don't be fooled!

skriller bee says:

I tought china and russia are the only numbers i couldnt trust turns out US numbers are likely to be cooked too
Florida got caught open your eyes

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