Dan Nystrom, Gophers Upset #2 Penn State 24-23 in '99

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Dan Nystrom kicked a 32-yard field goal to give Minnesota a 24-23 win over No. 2 Penn State in 1999.


S says:


Uncas Unga says:

These announcers suck; They got it! then flat…

Cameron Wessels says:

Who's here after the Gophers beat #4 Penn?

Bluetms100 says:

We beat em today to

Johnny Viking says:

I remember being at an Adam Hauser goalie camp when he told us this story, specifically the moment after the game when the team ran over to the Gopher band and thanked them for being there for the special moment.

Chris Cain says:

Wow, can't believe this was nearly 20 years ago. I had to come watch this after watching the highlight (lowlight I guess) of the Gophers blowing the 28-7 lead against Michigan. That was the most heartbreaking game i've ever been to. Gophers could have gone to the Rose Bowl without that collapse.

AltoonaYourPiano says:

How to ruin any Penn State fan's day with five words: "Dan Nystrum for the win". At least for this Penn State fan. It wasn't just that it cost us the national title, but was the beginning of a five year drop into irrelevancy. It was a great win for Minnesota, it started a run of years for Minneosta that lasted up through 2006 when they stupidly fired Glen Mason. I've always been amazed at how Mason could outcoach Joe Patreno so consistently. Even years where Penn State won, like in 2006, Minnesota outplayed us, in fact you guys got screwed at the end with that PI call.

consanna says:

If Ryan Roth does not make the block the kick does not get off.

Mr Spock says:

This win was great for the Gophers. I was upset when they fired Glen Mason. He is the last Gopher head coach to beat Wisconsin or Ohio State.
Thanks for posting this.

spinner90 says:

18 years later and this loss still drives me crazy. Nine years old, thinking to myself, wow, Penn State actually lost. Not because they were the second-ranked team and they got upset, but because I've never seen them lose until this game against Minnesota.

Jay Patterson says:

one of the worst loses i ever saw in my life as a Penn st fan. just as bad as the 2005 loss to Michigan.

Ryan Heckman says:

Arrington mistimed it. The real play that hurt us was the play before

Justin Brosious says:

Rigged ass game Penn State never shouldve lost

BrooklynJoeyDee says:

Thanks for posting this…I've been looking for it for years!

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