Cuomo: New York Coronavirus Hospitalizations Higher Than Initial Estimates | MSNBC

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state is working to simultaneously slow the number of people coming into hospitals while raising hospital capacity. Aired on 3/25/20.
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Cuomo: New York Coronavirus Hospitalizations Higher Than Initial Estimates | MSNBC


Traveller678 says:

Please order stay at home for NYC, LI, and Westchester asap. Please restrict the ability to leave this area and inflect other areas of NY and the country.

edstud1 says:

Killing innocent babies has brought this plague! Repent.

Dan Boden says:

Thomson twins lies lies lies.

VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII says:

Like how he praised Trump 👌

daniel chung says:

Hospitals are full of germs. They are the last place you want to be. The government is NOT emphasizing that the recovery rate is very high. Healthy people are NOT dying.
Is Tom Hanks still alive? Yes. How about Rudy gobert? Yes. Donovan Mitchell. Yes…. The list goes on.

Donald J. Trump says:

Watch Fox subscribe to Fox

Doug M says:

Cuomo neglects to mention he had the opportunity to buy tens of thousands of ventilators a few years ago but decided to use the money on illegal aliens instead giving them driver`s licenses and more rights than a U.S. citizen.

d wilson says:


Korvin Magnus says:

Anyone else think Cuomo should run for president? He's been on the ball and not settling from the start while everyone else has a thumb in their bum. I dont even live in NY and I got nothing but respect for this man.

Keegan says:

For all the people the comment section bashing Trump compared to what Cuomo is doing….Cuomo is praising Trump for his response. There is only so much the federal government should do and what the state government should do.

Andrew Abbott says:

you should call oxford university they made a design ventilator that sony said so simple they could make thousands so ask for the design hope this helps you look on youtube the design working

MANHATTAN ny says:

Slow them to come to the hospital and let them die. What a human being. Very simple: " Not prepared ".

Ross Westerman says:

So glad he is containing the infected in nyc and not letting them flee the city to create other hot spots. So democatic of him to be so generous and give covid-19 to the rest of us.

She's my President says:

Crowd Source the Truth walking around NYC finds what appears to be a hyped up hoax

STUBS 1 says:

Covid 19 has been here millions have had it and will test positive because they have antibodies for it. Big Demorat cities your oldies will die.

WHISKEY OPS on PS4 says:

Governor Cuomo God bless you sir.

Reconquista: Hinduism says:

Absolute shame on entire western world. No respect for science , human life , human dignity , no sense of patriotism , sacrifice for greater good , community participation , no strong and intelligent leadership. People are dying like cockroaches
Look at how beautifully my country India has locked down 1.3 billion people with just 500 odd cases and 10 fatalities. Singapore , S.Korea also have done excellent job in this. We cooperate in lock down and never cry civil liberties..

MyEyesBled says:

Finally a real grownup steps to the plate!

Tem says:

great content I loved it

Tem says:

great video keep it up dude

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