Coronavirus: with restrictions easing, is actually safe to go to a cafe or restaurant? | 7NEWS

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Infectious Diseases physician and microbiologist at the Australian National University Professor Peter Collignon gives his opinion on whether restrictions have been lifted too early and new CDC advice that COVID-19 isn’t passed on by surfaces.

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Noises says:

All good, you guys go to your pubs and restaurants. I'll chill at home in the rain forest and not catch the Darwin Flu. It's a numbers game. Simple probability. The more often you go out, the more likely you are to come into contact with someone who is infected. The less precautions you take, the higher the risk you expose yourself to. If you wear a mask, you reduce the the inoculum if you do come into contact with someone who is infected. If you avoid communal surfaces by wearing gloves, you reduce the risk of getting spores on your hands and transferring them to your face. You lot can do whatever the hell you want, I honestly don't give a toss about any of you. Me? I'm looking after myself. It is simply a numbers game, and I'm going to play to win.

Diego GT says:

A one lifetime meal

Amy Avraam says:

Everyone is like open pubs and clubs.. I'm like when are the libraries going to open again?!

free agent says:

Its a lot safer for women, a man goes on a date and risks loosing his house, too risky.

Karlos Khaos says:

Lol yay south Australia lol pub meals again

Shea Vague says:

Overzealous experts walking back comments again

ABU Tii says:

To keep infections out is to replace gloves a few times. Not to use one pair for shift. The virus still hide.

danny says:

If children can go back to school then open the bloody clubs and pubs!

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