Coronavirus vaccine trial volunteers speak to CNN

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CNN’s Clarissa Ward speaks to participants in a coronavirus human vaccine trial at the University of Oxford.

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Frost Fire says:

Finally some good news

Mike Johnson says:

Yeah, yeah over here 👈 😂

Teresa Wojsław says:

I agree.
But most people are forced to not work.

Elderly, kids and those with comorbidities should self isolate. The reset as they see fit.

Unless someone wants global Holodomor.

DJunclejoeyfromfullhouse DJ says:

you're no more a hero for taking Gate's experimental vaccine's than any of the children that his vaccines killed in India, sorry folks

DD C says:


Nico Moreno says:

Fake ass news is the Virus in America, that's what we need to stop the spread of is the fake news virus

The FalconMcTalon says:

Used to watch CNN but this pandemic has shown where their loyalty lies. With whoever has the most money to throw their way

Veronica Vasquez says:

The biggest problem for pharma mandatory vaccines sales is an educated white consumer. Solution is mass immigration to get rid of them. Carol Baker, CDC.

Jotaro Kujo says:

CNN is garbage. I don't trust them at all

Paul Lamonte says:

Leftists: The rich are evil.
Also leftists: Let's give more money and power to rich elites like Bill Gates!"

B Baker says:

Are you guys done with the Cuomo propaganda? How many less deaths would NY have if Cuomo didn’t decide to put sick ppl in nursing homes instead of all those empty beds they cleared out for covid patients? Javitz center? Empty! Floating hospital? Empty! Most other hospital beds in the state? Empty. He stuck sick ppl in nursing homes and left the hospital beds empty. You refuse to hold him accountable. You outright refuse it.

Edwin Yotd says:

Ya wanna be subjects?

♿NPC-COVID19 says:

Imma get tumors and cancer but at least I got the Covid vaccine! YAAA!

Solus says:

Propanda machine kicks in again with actors brainwashing you into the use of immunotoxic and neurotoxic chemical substances called vaccines that the rich never takes, only invest$ in it

Andre Rocha says:


Cryptic says:


186itaalia says:

Notice they are safety testing it against another vaccine, not an inert placebo

george whyte says:

They all laughed at Donald Trump when he said he was taking an anti-malaria drug to stop him catching coronavirus. Now the NHS has ordered 10,000 doses of the very same drug to test on frontline workers. Ho, ho, ho, who's got the last laugh now?

DJunclejoeyfromfullhouse DJ says:

at least there are idiots out there that will test the vaccine for us. if they die, who cares, they chose to be "heroes". we need them to drop dead man in the name of science

David Bourne says:

Its very strang…any comment I make about (All the…hmmm lest call them onkeys…still testing positive for… you know what…even though they were vaccinated) are being removed.

William Baker says:

>here's money lie for us

J Bigs says:

I say Thank You to the volunteers! Those are real heroes!

We the People says:

Please stop with that sense of duty BS how much are they getting paid?

Paulie Gualtieri says:

what are these physcos really trying to do to us? Why do they hate us so much lol?

LaZr Potato says:

Bill gates vaccine.. if your dumb you will take it. Only the WOKE people know everything about the "vaccine".

Yiani Zhang says:

US vs South Korea in dealing Covid-19;

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