Coronavirus survivor reveals what it's like to have Covid-19

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Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances. (Subscribe:


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Kelly Morgan says:

I'm not to scared of getting sick myself, I dont want to be of course, but my biggest fear is bringing it home to my kids, 3 and 5, I work at walmart, I sanitize but it really is impossible to sanitize everything.

Juana Jaimes says:

Laser beam kinda jinxed it lol

Ghosts Graves says:

Now connor return to his life of being a serial killer

シFlxss says:

1:30 it’s true I’ve had it.

Alex Wood says:

How to make Coronavirus impossible
1. Invent time machine.
2. Travel to 22nd century.
3. Invent a machine that can change probability.
4. Use probability machine to make probability certain that Coronavirus is impossible.

Jordan Taylor says:

I get it is more serious than Flu, but pathetic headlines like ' interview with a Coronavirus SURVIVOR' are disgusting. It indicates that you are MORE likely to die, and survival is rare. When it's 1-2% who die ,and mainly the elderly.

Ami Space says:

How did he recover??

rahujian1234 mandu says:

some of infected and reinfect again , check with your doctor again and again and stayaway from crowd.Second thing is read book of ayurveda by charak samhita if it was translated in sankrit to english.If you get anykind of deases this book will help you well.
and we indians also telling to the world , dont drink or smoke , if you can see tobacco packets in india contains special warning like " Tobacco kills , Tobacco causes tuberculosis and serious cancer" . And also we many times told china not to eat bats , bat soups , rats , bugs and hoppers and heavy meat of buffalo.
Now china is spreading everywher viruses , now new virus came from china called hanta .So china took biological world wide killing . So if we dont allow chinese ppls in our country , we can saved . So dont welcome chinese ppls in your country.
Now they are transmitting viruses everywhere in this world. See the situation of italy nowdays . And see just behaviour of china , wuhan city is corona less now. And they are not telling other countries what did they do to save their citizens. They are keep hiding truths , wuhan is epicentre of transmitting viruses or what? Because of new virus hanta also founded in wuhan.

CKCallum says:

I was already in self isolation because I had symptoms of it ( I had it) and it is basically the flu but it feels much worse. Isolation isn’t as bad as people think though.

jean marc Giroux says:

isolation isn't that bad people going into nervous break down from not seeing others more than 10 days have a social issue. I don't get why people need to be with others so bad that will stop at nothing to be around people. It's sad really.

Humberto Martin says:

"you look healthy"

When are people going to get it through their heads that healthy doesn't have a "look"?

walkermanstick says:

i have light Flu and cough 😭

Pangea Video Production says:

So obviously propaganda please people do your own research look up the controversy between terrain theory and germ theory Béchamp vs pasture. Viruses are proteins that our body produces to fight disease not the cause. Stop the madness this is a power play by the elites. Wake up you sleepers stop trusting the government’s and the media they are know liars. Do your own research!!!!

{kawaii Kitty} says:

Off track of vid:

My dogs paw was moving on my leg so…
Me: moves paw
Dog: puts paw on leg
He does this 3 times and then he goes to my hand while I'm moving his paw "Nom Nom Nom" to my hand😂😂😂

LifeCode says:

happy one ! got a china-virus, – got known, – now may make money from YOUTUBE ! – so lucky one !!!

zendaya zoe says:

You are so lucky that you get sick in UK not in Algeria …. where if you get sick you will die

Jfrtbikg Kdhjbeep says:

… you get better before you get worse ??? 😲!* damnnnn

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