Coronavirus – record UK deaths approach levels seen in Italy and Spain – BBC News

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The UK has recorded its highest daily number of deaths from coronavirus. 938 more people died in hospital with the virus in the last 24 hours, close to the worst levels seen in Italy and Spain. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson was said to be “improving” as he prepared to spend a third night in intensive care. Downing Street said he was “sitting up in bed and engaging positively” with staff at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Meanwhile scientists have questioned whether the government can meet its target of 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of April. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and Health Editor Hugh Pym.

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Chris Wilde says:

Unemployment in the U.S. is now 16 million, wonder what our numbers are? How you guys doing for dolly dash here in the UK? Running out yet? Dont forget, they have made it exceedingly easy to claim!

Edits I says:

I think we should go full lockdown and if you're caught outside you'll be fined :/

weedeemorrison says:

How many of those died as a result of covid 19? Not died after being diagnosed with Covid 19? These figures are so skewed its ridiculous.

P CAC says:

a cabeça do MEU PAU

Mc LBJ says:

Be smart and get yourself a phone UV sanitizer. Phones are 16x drifter than the toilet seat and are helping this virus spread. I got mine here

Let’s look out for each other.

Callie Masters says:

You don't need a job if you're dead. Health has to come first.

Jesse Grant says:

The restrictions need to become stricter 😐

Duncan says:

The BBC never did this level of reporting for the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Andy Gill says:

Somerset is a nut house everyone's walking about like it's a holiday no masks ect what lock down ,?

theandroids says:

STILL USING FAKE SKEWED NUMBERS as fear porn propaganda.

Life love life with rights says:

And the sun rises again and again! Not just for Americans and English, for everyone!

Harbajan Chadha-Boreham says:

The leaders of most countries have been too slow to act. They saw what it was like in Wuhan and could have prepared in advance. People took their own initiative; started buying masks and senitisers while some of world's leaders were showing off how safe a hand shake is during a pandemic. Big egos with litte wisdom.

Co Truly a grey M says:

They are spraying chemicals today from unknown aircraft's.
God will destroy your Evil government.


Why don’t use the same medication Brazil is using?

enn bee says:

1:01 Bit dramatic for the news isn't it?

love life says:

I know for fact this was transferred through food in this virus been nagging since January it's no even takeaway fault but this started on food and the government know this, so why the hell are you still letting the risk to transfer from the foods by keeping openening takeaways, if everyone is staying in and still been catching it come on to fuck? Seriously? Tell science to do there job and get these facts out,
I know we need money to keep the country going but they ones that caused it should sort that out,this is people's life's here!

AK47OG1 says:

👏👏👏 For Gravediggers.

espie ransa says:

♥️🇬🇧 From 🇵🇭
Be safe everyone..

Johnny Trash says:

Media are liars, socially incompetent and can never be trusted.

nathan enfield says:

Fuck this government they act when it’s too late silly fucks

Nilanjan Dutta says:

You people deserve this

dover one foxtrot says:

More useless propaganda from auntie.

Jerry Haase says:

Even if I test you today….that doesn't mean you won't get it tomorrow……testing is a good thing but not the only solution….

Oldtimer says:

Lies, lies and more lies …..

Lorraine Marshall says:

There are people who were clear of the virus in China, that have been reinfected.

Scott Leadbeater says:

China won the 3rd world war and no one realized it

Goldenpill says:

Well..look at the way they are reporting these deaths, please. You die with corona you die of corona. Nice way to spike the death toll and create more fear.

pak hong lee says:

Coronavirus bursts and hospital death bursts too.

It should be Boris Johnson to be blamed for
⑴ caring for nothing;
⑵ caring for no lives with his herd immunity;
⑶ clapping hands without solution.

mdkalam azad says:

i wish as soon as possible send all the tourists and residence and employees ts send them their own country

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