Coronavirus: Quarantine measures to prevent second wave – Patel | Covid-19 Government Briefing πŸ”΄ BBC

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What did we learn from today’s UK briefing?

Today’s coronavirus briefing was held by Home Secretary Priti Patel. She was joined by chief medical adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Paul Lincoln, head of the Border Force.

Here’s what they told us:

From 8 June, anyone entering he UK will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. This measure will be reviewed every three weeks
Travellers will have to provide their address in the UK so that border force staff can provide spot checks
There will be fines of up to Β£1,000 for breaking the rules and some repeat offended could be removed from the UK. Others could be refused entry if they are found to have provided false information
Freight drivers, some medical professionals and foreign officials will be among those who are exempt from the quarantine requirements, as will all those coming from the Common Travel Area with Ireland
The Border Force has intercepted thousands of counterfeit coronavirus tests, as well as masks. Coronavirus supplies have also been used to smuggle contraband, including an AK-47 rifle
Survey data indicates the size of the epidemic is steady or declining

BBC News Live | Coronavirus Press Conference | UK Government Daily Press Briefing | BBC

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Mystery Channel says:

Who else ignores the video and goes straight to the comments?

Gabby Davey says:

Watch here quickly before it gets banned. Dr Judy Mikovitch.

frenky0077 says:

Close corrupted stupid politicians and suddenly will be no virus….

Rik rik says:

I dont get why we are still repatriating UK citizens. Its been like 2 months. πŸ€”

Are we waiting for them to finish there vacation or are they genuinely out there doing crucial activities. Anyone know?.

ART3K says:

shes clearly reading a script, i doubt she cares about the cases and deaths

DavidBakeCake YT says:

Ohhh, she’s getting paid again!

Luke McAllister says:

BREAKING NEWS:Priti Patel has just come out of hiding!

Mohammed Amin says:

Watch DR Buttar David Icke on London real they expose this hoax virus
Agenda is bill Gates organising vaccine to chip us all in the name of
Coronavirus pandemic protection when he couldn't keep viruses out
Of windows lol its simple peeps Cause fear, Control masses, Depopulation. ….

Phalanxia Theroan says:

Look, if you are going to put the entire country under this form of lockdown, please let us have the cocaine and heroin.

It makes a better form of living than that of under Tory rule.
Literally a heroin habit is better than living under your rule.
Get the tories out.

Germ Weed says:

We all know there is no friggin virus u morons

G L says:

Scam of the century.
When the truth comes out everyone involved needs imprisonment for crimes against humanity.
Anyone who questions this scam is censored. Real experts not on the payroll have no chance to get on mainstream media.
Same psychological control techniques every day.
Hopefully people are looking deeper into this and not just following the mainstream media.

DG Physi says:

You’ve left it too late you absolute fools, 36k dead, still no where near those dying of hunger yearly tho. If it was that much of a national emergency the uk would’ve done a harder lockdown being the β€˜great’ country they think they are

sugar Dickson says:

they spend hour talking bullshit…. and two minutes on condolency for the dead…

Michael Lee says:

The guy on the left, is he the same scientist who said we should all get herd immunity? good job, scientist

Rachel Burnell says:

None of the mainstream media are talking about how this worldwide depression is going to essentially kill 100,000’s If not millions due to starvation. It’s actually pretty critical in the 3rd world countries right now, please go have a look.

JoeyKneecap says:

Where's Boris?

Dom Hart says:

Someone mentioned Priti only had one blue outfit, so she decided to wear her satanic ritual moomoo instead. Least she managed to say the numbers correctly, shame we now know the tested number can be halved and the deaths are much higher. Usual waffle and corruption we expect from this lot. What about the 'reckless minority' in power eh?

Maggie Bancroft says:

Where is the PM ?

rebornkidJS1 says:

Some ppl still thinks corona doesn’t exist going around do what they do still until they catch it

Christine Davis says:

what about all the migrants you are letting in every day Priti

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