Coronavirus outbreak: Toronto officials provide update on city's response to COVID-19 | LIVE

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Mayor John Tory will be joined by Toronto’s medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa and Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg to provide an update on the city’s COVID-19 cases and the ongoing response to the pandemic on Friday.

The City of Toronto announced Wednesday that more than 850 park amenities will reopen this week, two months after officials shut down all amenities in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ontario reported 413 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Thursday, bringing the provincial total to 24,187 cases. The death toll rose to 1,993 as 31 more deaths were reported.

Greater Toronto Area public health units account for about 63 per cent of all cases in the province.

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Colin Cooper says:

Our UN puppet has paid billions to media to help shield him from the Canadian people. The polls are false. Demand Parliament Opened.

Pam Outar says:

can you please do so with this video waste of time

Pam Outar says:

people please we do not need a second wave

Jeff Censored! says:

Globalist Propaganda for Globalist Agendas

Billionaires Vs You and Me says:

400 new cases a day? watch this space… as of next friday, it'll be 1000 a day… everyone outside, not practicing social distancing, acting like the entitled fools they are… wave 2 is going to be HUGE! and well deserved… thanks covidiots!!

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