Coronavirus outbreak: Ontario invests $150 million for expanding broadband connectivity | FULL

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Wednesday that his government is investing a $150 million in funding to improve broadband and cellular connectivity in Ontario.

Ford said this money will go directly to expanding broadband and cellular access to more families and businesses in rural Ontario.

Ford added that his government is partnering with municipalities, Indigenous communities and private sectors to deliver those critical projects.

However, the premier called on the federal government for support and to “deliver on its commitment” to broadband accessibility, because “we can’t do it alone.”

The new Improving Connectivity in Ontario, or ICON, program, when leveraged, has the potential to result in an investment of up to $500 million in total partner funding to improve connectivity in underserved and unserved areas.

Ontario reported 338 new COVID-19 cases and 9 deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 29,047.

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Lucia says:

Yes ….step down Ford!

chris horwath says:

Pass legislation to better tax companies like Rogers who are making money hand over fist.
The only reason it isn't in remote areas is profit margin. But yet they are pushing 5G which is costing $$$$ to develop in upgrades even though we don't need it. Now with the pandemic home internet use is at record highs and the system handles it easily. When things go back to the 'new normal' home internet use will greatly diminish so we don't need 5G.
You should at the very least provide research funding to determine the effects of 5G on people, bees and other flora/fauna. 5G was developed by the uS and Israel for crowd control and Israel, Florida and Brussels aren't having it (but Israel is creating a 5G cloud over Palestine). Hmmmmm when Israel, Trump's new home, and world banking headquarters don't want it but Palestine is being forced into it your alarm bells should be going off.

Randy Rimmer says:

Canadians will be sorry when they find out that this new investment is used track everybody’s movement . 5g is a weapon to take your freedom.

Ula Szkolka says:

Hoax liars..communist!

Maria Pierog says:

Elliot please please learn something from BC MB doctors. People are DYING in Ontario. Are you really care about people???
Doug you like to talk too much. How about action. Is Ontario doing great with covid-19???

hass9180 hass9180 says:

same old news. at least schools reopening in september 11:44 leace says about schools

Walter Wachs says:

Soft ball questions by from compliant bought off media. Totally outrageous propaganda.

Walter Wachs says:

Please present the science not just sound bits.

Walter Wachs says:

You mean the bad flu Ford don't you?

Walter Wachs says:

Do your homework reporters before you ask stupid questions.

Walter Wachs says:

What happened to the nursing care homes Ford?

Walter Wachs says:

You gave $2million of our tax money Ford did you forget WHO your leaching off?

Walter Wachs says:

Ford your only protecting yourself.

Walter Wachs says:

How much are you hurting Ford?

Walter Wachs says:

Knut WittKowsKi, PhD – Founder of ASDERA, Former Head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design Center For Clinical & Translational Science Research Associate Biometrician Consultant, New York Academy of Medicine Associate, HiV Center For Clinical & Behavioral Studies, Guest Researcher, Centers For Disease Control & Prevention, DSc, Medical Biometry, University of Tubingen PhD, Computer Science, University of Stuttgart — He is a brilliant Statistician. (What does he do for a living?) He analyses & studies data & helps the public to understand (When asked by Dr. Daniel Erickson owner of 7 CA urgent care facilities; "What do you think of what is going on. Is there science for sheltering in place? Is there science for social distancing?" And he said: "Absolutely not"

Walter Wachs says:

Is this a commercial?

Walter Wachs says:

Step down Ford

mario galati says:


mario galati says:

5G AIMLESSLY SPLATTERING RAYS OF INFLICTION…just pay some scientists to accomadate your position oppurtintity tailor made to your specifications bombard the populous with microwaves it appears the scientific community is at a divide . Those that say gung ho its A ok shake and bake time …accomadating the telecomunication companys positions….stuff the cash in your pockets . Others that state many uncertanties exisist . Others that state detrimental effects short and long term….But dont worry we'll be ok where a mask with a mylar suit dont forget the pie plate for your head…..And when your all having difficulties reproducing healthy offspring…and you and your childern are aquiring cancerous growth….dont look for a cure….just keep adding to the atmospheric toxicity

Paul N says:

seen it all. it comes down to logisticts and insentivising careers in health care and not paying them well enough to relieve pressure on rato of health care worker to patient.advertise that ai,or robots wont replace them anytme soon.

Syd Barrett says:

Covid is a hoax……hydroxychloroquine treats it…….vitamin c……zinc……vitamin d……..herd immunity………when the economy tanks they will blame it on covid…….these politicians dont care they are here today gone tomorrow…..all these politicians should be investigated and their pensions taken away……..the truth is coming

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