Coronavirus outbreak: Doug Ford shocked by "unthinkable" job losses following COVID-19 pandemic

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Speaking to reporters on Thursday afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford described the job losses in his province as a “punch in the gut” and “unthinkable” after it was announced earlier in the day that the province had lost 400,000 jobs in a single month as part of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ford earlier had outlined the slate of economic relief being offered by his government so far to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Doug Ford also explained that his outburst Wednesday regarding the lack of COVID-19 testing in Ontario was not directed at any one individual or entity, but rather his frustrations with “the system” overall.

Ontario Minister of Finance Rod Phillips told reporters on Thursday that he had spoken recently with representatives of the auto insurance industry to convey the message that the government expects the industry to adjust their prices in light of the “unprecedented” situation presented by COVID-19/

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Kustom Haus says:

Actor and puppet

William Kemp says:

Doug Ford for prime minister …

lisa ryder says:

not looking out for me i didnt make 5k so i get $000000!!!!

2010CLDL KIDS says:

Light at the end of the tunnel 🙏

Dewey Mai says:

You're a good man Doug, I'm proud of our government, keep up the good work for Ontarians!

MaxPanicked says:

these guys need to up the volume on this feed. Ads are blowing my speakers when they come on!

Abigail Jean-Marie Fletcher says:

All read from a pre written script last year prior to wuhan…..but as a society most people are slaves to the media and believe whatever they are being told

Abigail Jean-Marie Fletcher says:

The time to turn the economy around is gone…we won't come back stronger….5000 cases for 14000000 people and we all lose our civil liberties in the means of fighting a threat that could be handled better but lets face it the real agenda here is not covid 19 its bigger then that open your eyes do some research and see what really going on…
This is all being used as a way to reform the world controlling the people

Natalie Pete says:

Prime minister you keep saying to stay home not realizing some employers are expecting employees to show up at work. Although they do not work in production.. What is the necessity for these employees to be at work. My friends say they are not maintaining social distancing at work place. Due to large number of people on the floor. It’s not possible . A persons life is more valuable than a job. However, employers do not understand that. They are only concerned about their business. They don’t care about their employees. If thy did they would have had the place closed down for 2 weeks. As these 2 weeks are crucial.Employers are playing with employees lives here.

Stuart Baleta says:

why not use the credit generated from commercial bank loans to fund this and healthcare in future….. since we all know or we should know that money is just created by banks from nothing….. and big profits go to the bankers

amonamarth55 says:

I'm forced to go to work everyday for a greedy employer that does nothing essential to this situation. I have been humiliated for wearing ppe and struggling through panic attacks. Where's my option to isolate? I used all of my holidays and sick days to stay home as instructed. Monday I go back to the petrie dish. Why don't I have the right to choose?

Pritesh Patel says:

The government should seriously consider forcing the auto insurance companies to lower the rates given less cars on the roads.

drwho534 says:

This is about alot more than just a 'virus', this is about an agenda of global control. Thankful for Ford who is working hard in dealing with the situation put upon us by our globalist federal government.

Firos Shams says:

Today i got $200 i got nothing to worry about anymore

cloverleaf tv says:

We all are going to suffer even more when all this is over whoever survive this

Joker says:

Unthinkable? Lol you ordered it!

a j l says:

Unfortunately you cannot rely on the people many people are Not !! Complying unfortunately. Please ask the police to monitor the streets around Toronto and they will see all the people not staying at home

Bony Clifton says:

Keep all the bills. After this is over send the bill to China.

YehoshuaBenTorah says:

Maybe we should have really examined this before you shut the economy down trying to defy God. How many people are in intensive care right now? Less than 100 but 10 million are at home doing nothing. Was this the right way? We shall see if there was a crisis in the first place besides by the economy already crashed but mostly hidden because CMHC was buying up mortgages to keep the economy from seeing it was over before 2020 began. They did have 2020 vision. Will you abandon the people in 4 months when there is no money left from the IMF?
GOD KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE but not if you pray to some other God and do not obey God.
Keep the commandments and regulations of God if you want to live.

Glenn Davey says:

Wow, Doug Ford is NOT his brother.

Scott Davis says:

London and Lindsey is like 150 Km.

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