Coronavirus outbreak: Canada's "best case" COVID-19 projection sees 11,000 to 22,000 deaths | FULL

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The novel coronavirus could cost 11,000 to 22,000 Canadian lives over the course of the pandemic — and that’s the best-case scenario with the strongest control measures in place to contain the spread of the virus.

That’s according to modelling released by Canadian public health officials for the first time on Thursday, which lays out three different potential scenarios based on strong, medium and weak responses to containing the virus.

It’s important to note projections are estimates based on the best available data so far, and that data can and does change regularly.

But they offer a glimpse into where the data suggests the country could be heading, and the emerging picture is grim: 22,580 to 31,850 cases by April 16 with 500 to 700 potential deaths by the same time.

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movie maker says:

Convulsant plasma therapy can reduce death rate

Benny Ma says:

For the lunatic to understand what is being risky of other people's life you think that is a joke for not wearing a mask seriously why you think China lie about the rate of infected or dead do you people's really get it how it goes 😠 people's in China wear mask every day to lower the coronavirus covid-19 of the infection case some countries they close all the flight boarder and cruise also they wear mask every day to lower the infection 😷 protect yourself and everyone life's your all stubborn childish game got to stop to prevent infected covid-19 is you and everyone wear mask


the asian woman is a sell out


they labelling all the deaths as covid ….its a scam the numbers are not real

J.C says:

Liberal are communists they been lieing seen Jan how can you trust these ppl they work for

J.C says:

Lairs fake charts it's not adding up they don't no what they are talking about. Stop getting tested if your not sick pepole of Canada

luckystar225 says:

Show us the slides!!!!

hui zhi says:

Officials at all levels come out every day to talk about COVID-19. People live in fear and tension, hoping that the government will become everyone's dependence and help us solve difficult problems. Ask the student apartment to agree to cancel the four-month summer lease contract and let young students want to go home.

Cou nou says:


Noel Geollegue says:

This is all your fault dr. Tam you keep saying the risk is low until it went out of control.

sam M says:

We need a total lock down, before the number goes off.

B L says:

love seeing the views down on all the videos released today. I like to think more people are getting out of the house now. Never give up your freedoms Canada even if it saved 40000 lives its would never be worth it. So many people died to protect these god given right. Don't let their deaths be for nothing.

GorgeGeorg says:

The 'actual' goal is to keep the spreading down to a rate that the hospital system can manage. Not stop it.
With a vaccine can you stop an exponential spreader (Ro > 2). The vaccine represents a damping factor that reduces the R_eff (effective reproduction rate) to less than 1, which will allow the pandemic to end.
Of course, as more and more of the population becomes infected, the R_eff begins to drop and if the infected population reaches a critical point (say 25% – I don't think we know), the R_eff will also drop to less than 1.

Dropping the infection rate too rapidly (without a vaccine) will just prolong the pandemic/fear. Allowing it to continue at a managed rate, will bring the pandemic to an eventual end, even in the event that a vaccine isn't found (or can even be created).

Lola says:

I love this lady’s voice

Jason Pourne says:

Question: If Zinc inhibits the virus why would companies not manufacture zinc infused masks?

ales wittek says:

Theresa Tam an other WHO puppet administrator . Running pandemic on computer model. Do you see any pandemic around you ? Open your eyes.

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