Coronavirus in Mexico: President blamed for slow reaction to outbreak

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Mexico has now entered into the second phase of its battle against the coronavirus.
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has come under heavy criticism for downplaying the pandemic which has recorded 367 infections.
Many of the country’s working class are the most vulnerable to the virus.
Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports.

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Alfa7beta0 says:

AMLO is an irresponsible and incompetent communist-clown ! ! !
If he does not resign with abrazos and besos (infected with COCID-19) then he must resign with balazos! ! !

Campesino Gambino says:

A traitor! A coward ! An inept! An ignorant! …

Campesino Gambino says:

AMLO was laughing at the pandemic, at the Mexican people and at the victims in Italy! I won't be surprised if the Italian Mafia retaliates and execute him.
He was looking for that

Ricardo Laakso says:

The Mexican president, will be responsible for thounsands of deaths in the next few weeks.

Eduardo Mizuki says:

AMLO's presidency must be revoked! The elder communist-populist president is just unable to lead a great nation like Mexico!

weaverspell says:

Eat more Chilli to defeat the virus

Franco Palumbo says:

Every World Leader will Get Blamed for This – Except the Cause – China!

Pray Suguitan says:

Join d NWO?

Eduardo Mizuki says:

The sub secretary of Health in Mexico is as inept as Lopez Obrador..! This current leftist-populist administration is pathetic! AMLO must be removed from office immediately!


After this pandemic, no body will be rich,

Awaken dabeast says:

Mexico is immune to coronavirus………unfortunately they maybe the next italy

Naveed Ahmed says:

World Stupidest President Allow People to Go Outside and Eat…..UUFFF……when Covid-19 is Waiting on Street to Spread…!!!

Alfa7beta0 says:

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is the WORST president in Mexico's history !

Alfa7beta0 says:

This submissive, communist-populist Mexican president subordinated to Donald Trump and his criminal organization, is PATHETIC!

Tem says:

cool video it was really good

I am Muhammed says:

Passivation method can be used to fight coronavirus patients who are recovering from covid-19 we can use their blood plasma in their blood we can find antibody which can injected in the infected patient it will boost the recovery and it will help to create antibodies .

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