Coronavirus: Gov. Gavin Newsom addresses California's response to COVID-19

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Watch live: California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other officials are providing updates on the state’s response to COVID-19. #California #coronavirus #COVID19


Mr. Barnes says:

Did he fly to Montana to get his hair cut?

s p i c t a c u l a r says:

the fact people think we beat or past this is literally insane. these government officials were forced to reopen because people cant just wait it out. i get it, people are losing jobs and money, businesses are closing. but people do realize we can still pull through even with an economic hit. LIVES are way more important. we've gone through other disasters and pandemics, and society didnt collapse!

moving forward though, republicans cannot call themselves religious and against pro choice if they're willing to let people die for money and selfish needs (needing a haircut, gym access, etc..

Sandra Goodwin says:

Speaking of lives lost suicides have been happening not from the virus itself but from the lockdown. 12 year old and other incidents. These could of been prevented. That is on Newsom.

Ralph Rivers says:

Okay, Covid kills but not near the wild eyed predictions coming out WHO and CDC. But
Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases. This is more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds

PCnever says:

What a complete POS! You know he is lying because his mouth is moving

Better Dead Than Red says:

How much you wanna bet he'll place a "contact tracer" in every church to shut them down if they only use one wipe instead of two on the pew rails?

John Nannery says:

Yea – Solid Catholic boy, is that why you had sex with your “best friends” WIFE .? Or is that a requirement for being a Democratic? How does the new guidelines from the CCD change all the planning now that is confirmed transmission is by prolonged close personal contact, NOT OPEN SPACES, NOR SWIMMING POOLS, BUT in confined spaces. Your GOT IT WRONG

RetroHeadz T.V. says:

I made a song called quarantine lockdown check it out

B Ruiz says:


James Worthy says:

This guy has a mental problem ! He cannot articulate a sentence without saying UMM after every single statement !

Paul Russo says:

This dude, along with all the other Democratic politicians across this nation, are total fucken idiots. That is clear at this point. So logic would dictate the people that voted for them are exactly like them. TOTAL FUCKEN IDIOTS!

Albert Escalante says:

Gov newsome needs to be killed shot in head shot kill gov newsome family in cold blood

نضال هزاع التميمي says:

(((🔴)))من خليفة الله على العالمين الى رئيس الصين ش جين
الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
29 – رمضان – 1441 هـ
22 – 05 – 2020 مـ
12:20 مساءً
( بحسب التقويم الرسمي لأمّ القرى )

(((🔴))) فايروس كورونا والبيان الفصل وما هو بالهزل ..
الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
26 – رمضان – 1441 هـ
19 – 05 – 2020 مـ
06:37 مساءً
( بحسب التقويم الرسمي لأمّ القرى )

(((🔴))) فايروس كورونا من العذاب الأدنى دون العذاب الأكبر لعلهم يرجعون..
الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
10 – رجب – 1441 هـ
05 – 03 – 2020 مـ
12:51 مساءً
( بحسب التقويم الرسمي لأمّ القرى )

ZDays says:

short criminals

1986prs says:

My thoughts and prayers are with you Californians.. Here in Florida, we’ve been opening up more and more and things are going great so far..
Stay safe and positive..

Firestreamze says:

He moves like a robot… hes not human

princeumar20.09 says:

lets collab lEAJ

James Worthy says:

Listen to how many times Gavin says the word “UMM” before every sentence. It’s insane. He is lying.

John F says:

Luck he made it back from Montana…….

1zero8dragon 14 says:

Gavins Hairdresser and make up girl never social distanced. hhhmm.

Stella Johnson says:

News says he is being being guided by "science" in his decision making; unfortunately for us in California, it's political science, not physical science.

Maurice O'Ray II says:

He waited until his buddy Joe was clear of his biggest accuser, then started opening the state. Millions of Californians are suffering, and he hasn't lost anything. He gets to live the life of a wealthy prince no matter what. If any of you paid trolls come near this comment, you'll wish you hadn't.

directbmx says:

One job. Failed. Will you update the video with a fix that doesn't have a missing gap of important information. Nope.

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