Coronavirus Explained: why the UK COVID-19 lockdown won't be lifted yet

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Ministers have warned that the UK coronavirus lockdown could be stretched into May, after warning that relaxing it too soon will kill thousands more.

A Cobra emergency committee is being held this afternoon to discuss the lockdown rules, after Brits have endured their third week of confinement.

The lockdown is widely expected to be extended as hundreds of people continue to die daily from COVID-19.

Today, Dr Hilary Jones, TV’s most-trusted medic explains why the lockdown measures won’t be lifted yet and what it would take for rules to be relaxed,

As well as answering the following Sun reader questions:

– Do we know if you can catch coronavirus again? If not, can our antibodies be used to possibly find an antidote?

– Why is there so much red tape around treatments?

– What happens after we have been in lockdown? Do we all venture out and get back to normal?

– Is any country searching for a vaccine?

– Should we be wearing masks outside? I also see a lot of people wearing plastic gloves. What would you advise?

– Is it ok to use ordinary soap like Pears/ Dove etc when washing hands?

– Why are we not spraying disinfectant on streets, as the virus can live on surfaces?

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winnerwinner168 - LMAO says:

Actually, our Government acted too late. WE should have closed borders and screened people coming back from Italy as well from China. We should have ordered masks and seeked advice from Asian countries about the virus outbreak to deduct the worst case scenario. No PPE for Doctors and health workers. They Procrastinated too much and lost the chance to get masks and stuff from South Korea which has probably the world's best medical supplies. Lots of people didn't have to die…just too late!!

brioche o'leary says:

If the economy contracts by 30% , or more. There may not be the funds for an nhs or welfare state. Destroying the economy will destroy the nhs. And people will die.. hobson’s choice

Quang Nguyen says:

Come to an end of us and uk ???? Please do something

dangerous brains says:


Hussain Patel says:

If you think this is a lockdown or we have a pandemic this is nothing compared with what is going to happen ..lies upon lies to control the mass and to make sure we obey or bow down to the new way of life which is planned out years in advance.a vaccination is the next step which has nothing to do with the so called virus ..its a nano chip in the form of a vaccination. The next step…control humans …no cash ….digital currency….lock downs will happen again and again…

..civilisation will cease to exist as we know it…. ..

I’m Crooked Man says:

Keep everyone on lockdown till
September. We haven’t even done lockdown properly these past 3 weeks due to idiots potentially killing people 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Toothpaste says:

Any1 want some bat soup

Donald Harvey says:

I thought that if we use antibiotics we cant build any annuity against the virus if taking antibiotics

Donald Harvey says:

Yes it's TRUE it's best to stay at home but poverty stricken countryside loose far more lifes when poverty stricken nations die earlier its time to make people wait masks and wash there hands more every place they go

looky khan says:

This could’ve all been avoided if we installed norton 360 anti virus 🦠

shane humberstone says:

The lockdown won’t be lifted while ever there are fuckknuckled wankspangles that think the lockdown doesn’t apply to them

Bill D says:

How can you make a vaccine for something that has never been proven to exist?

mxttt21 says:

Get Norton gents, that’ll stop the virus

love you long time 15 dollars says:

its a con.. big lie

HistoryFan476ad says:

They might want it to go on for longer, but the public do not, a lot of people are struggling now with money and unable to get food, losing there jobs can't do much. we are going to reach a breaking point, the money the Gov has at the moment will run dry soon then how are they funding these projects.

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