Coronavirus Crisis A National Story Made Of Local Outbreaks | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow looks at Alabama as an example of a place not usually in the spotlight of American national media but informing a key part of the national coronavirus story as a surge in cases puts a strain on hospital resources. Aired on 5/27/2020.
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Coronavirus Crisis A National Story Made Of Local Outbreaks | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Samuel Montoya says:

It’s sad how greatly the numbers are inflated, sadly we probably won’t ever know the true numbers of the real death toll

mojoe Lindell says:

It's not only National it's actually an epic internatonal Hoax.

Frank White says:

Its Alambama what do you expect, no why they call each other cuz, cuz they are

Macabre says:

My county in Mississippi had an 89% increase from last week. From 35 to 149. Our city is too small to have delivery services sans one Pizza Hut. No ubereats or anything of the sort…We have to go out for everything…and when you live in poverty, like most here do, you can’t stock up for a long time…

Pe Ter says:


80m population, density 800/sq mi, 500 new cases daily. 9000 dead, 180.000 cases, 12.000 active cases

This is flattening the curve
330m population, density 90/sq mi, 20,000 new cases daily, 100,000 deaths, 1,800,000 cases, 1.2m active cases.

This is a disaster and a failure of government.

Arthur Popovich says:

I mean when you classify almost every death as coronavirus, I’d assume the number of deaths would rise

bellmeisterful says:

This show and many like it is for Democrat voters. Non thinkers. The easily led around.
They were predicting 1M to 1.5M deaths early on.
Now, were at 100,000 and we know that 98% of us are not "at risk" and we know who is.
We just need to look after the two percent with great effort and open up.
Oh did yall see the MSNBC guy with the mask on outside in Oregon doing a news report? All these people are walking around him without masks and hes acting like he cant understand it and a guy walks up and says, Your cameraman not wearing one and neither is half your crew! Lmao.
That show is also for Democrats.

Cameron Pan says:

Trump is fattening the curve beautifully! The most perfect curve!

Jesus M. Candelario says:

:Wo! USA is going down!

Lone Wolf says:

trumps fault

sunny Leone says:

Hi friends 💋💋🍊🍊😘😘

1PandaArmy4777 says:

The world has had enough of your corona b.s

Brandon The jobber says:

Lies fake news

jokur says:

Trump is downplaying this pandemic calling it a hoax from Democrats, he is allowing reopening despite growing cases by the day, and him and Melania wear masks in private while not wearing masks in public. He is also pushing for hydroxychloroquine despite it has been proven scientifically to be harmful.

Someone please do something

Laura Lafauve says:

Now we know $trillions$ are available
Reroute American tax money to AMERICANS
It's what Americans need and deserve
For our families and communities.

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