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Hi babes! Today I am taking you thrifting with me in Paris! I haven’t done a thrift haul video like this in almost 6 months so I thought it would be cool to take you guys to a special little place called Neptune and do a lookbook (kind of a fail but you’ll see). It’s also open on Sundays which is so rare for France! I love dressing in vintage and retro because I love the idea of giving a new aesthetic to old clothes. I also get really inspired to style unique and crazy trendy pieces. I really miss big thrift stores like Goodwill which is so cheap but decided to go here because last time I went to this place it was like 50 cents for Levis (so was a bit surprised by the 40 euro dress lol). As a student on a budget I have to keep it thrifty. So yeah, even thought I had a weird experience (that’s life yo) I ended up finding a really cute skirt and kimono in a market after which gave me (and hopefully you!) some fun outfit inspiration and holiday excitement! Hopefully you enjoyed this sort of vlog and coming along on a shopping day with me–let me know if you’d like to come to a meet up in the comments and subscribe for more Inspo! thanks for watching 🙂
my fav adresses for thrifting in Paris:
Guerrisol (metro place de Clichy)
Emmaus (Train stop Neuilly plaisance)
Episode (metro Sentier)

Music is a remix of Fleetwood mac’s “everywhere”


The Purple Palace says:

Hi!!! stay tuned on instagram for updates about a meetup in December or January! So excited to meet you beautiful people ❤ aussi pour soutitres en Français cliquer sur l'icon CC 🙂 a bientot!

Electricia says:

Pour 40 euro autant aller dans un magasin quoi,. N’importe quoi xD

vesna7854 says:

That skirt is exactly how my school üniform
was like

Taylor Fanny Mahel says:

Free'p'star est la meilleure frip je trouve ! J'adore l'idée que tu fasses tes vidéos en anglais et français, c'est vraiment cool ! Contente de t'avoir découverte ! On se croisera peut être en frip ! Bisous 🙂

Katia says:

I think the weird woman thought you were a tourist yknow and she went like ''she is not from France so i can ask $40 for the dress'' 😂😂

Amour Malade says:

Frip star est super 🥰🥰

Whatever Goes says:

How long have you lived in Paris? I would love to live there in my 20s for at least a year

Jane Ahlstrand says:

I reckon you should go back there just to piss em off haha.

vivi !! says:

T'inquiete pas parfois en france il y a des gens bizarres! Tu peux mettre les sous-titres parcequ'ils y sont plus a la fkn😶

Emily Adamo says:

If I ever go to Paris I would love to meet up with you not only for lunch or tea but to go to the thrift stores. OMG tube stores there are so awsome. Not like here in U.S.A. I JUST LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

junkie cat says:

For me as a german whose second and third language is english and french, this video is just awesome 😍
J`aime vraiment comment tu mélange les deux langues 🙂

Avra hadn says:

Please anybody the music from 0:25 to 0:44

Daize Jane says:

Idk why people treat their customers like that, I used to go into walmart and just straighten things up and the manager kept walking past the isles I was in and looking at me and I just stopped because they thought I was "being suspicious" but I was literally just making things look nice. Idk people are funny like that.

Flo M says:

J’aime vraiment beaucoup ton style 😍💕
Big love du Quebec xx

Pastel Pink Flower says:

Hi! j'aime bcp lorsque tu parles anglais et français c'est cool pour faire progresser dans les deux langues mais ça sera cool de mettre aussi les sous-titres français pr l'anglais car on ne comprends pas forcément tout :3

Cosette DeMille says:

pls start a meetup in paris! im planning to move there and need french friends mdr jtm!!!

Cosette DeMille says:

try hippy market and episode!

Kateri Thesz says:

Meet up please! Little art trade is the cutest idea

Lucia kiwi says:

Your accent is adorable I love it

rosana says:

Shit à Bordeaux il y a pas de bonne frip I hate this

Lila Rose says:

Lmao I want to go thrift shopping when I go to France but I'm fat so I don't think I'll go to this shop😂😂

stereovoyage says:

J'adore les friperies, mais la plupart du temps, c'est relativement cher malgré que ce soit des vêtements d'occasion et qui ont plusieurs années. C'est quand-même abusé de trouver une simple veste d'occasion Reebok des années 90 à 50 Euros…

Anaelle Tout simplement says:

you are so cute love you it's a great video =) =) XD mdrrr je fais genre de parler l'anglais jpp

Lorrany Assis says:

i love your vibe girl 🦄

Audrey Talbot says:

Watching this primarily to figure out where to thrift in Paris bc I’ve only seen one place

Alexandra Talbot says:

I'd be so keen for a group meetup! That sounds fantastic

Cloxo Hook says:

Ouiiii ce serait super un meet up!!

Big Sean Moment says:

I love your videos! also super helpful for practicing comprehending French

LIRA says:

i'd love to do a meetup! since im looking for friends with similar likes as me haha

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