Come Thrifting With Me in London !

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this week’s video is sponsored by eastpak !
i’ve been such a big fan of theirs since i was a teen, and i got me some high-quality, vegan bags out of the deal too !
check out the links below.

black bumbag :
maroon backpack :
brown bumbag :

to all my shoppers on a budget out there ( or anyone who likes a good deal ) thrifting is such a great option. second hand doesn’t have to look dated, worn, uninspired or cheap, it’s totally possible to find great quality pieces with a modern cut and unique one-off feels. aaaand it’s also good for the environment, to boot !

i’m taking you with me on a london thrift shopping adventure !

i talk about :
– thrift shopping in london – yay or nay !?
– tokyo vintage shops ( they’re next level ) !
– on my vintage wish list : classic trench coat, man chinos, fake silk scarf, polo shirt, men’s blazers, chunky chain !
– rokit vintage shop in covent garden !
– oatmeal color is on trend ! (the porridge cult is taking over)
– 80’s dresses ?
– hashtag minimalist grunge !
– sneaking in the menswear section !
– dressing room montage – it’s gotta happen !!
– what did i end up choosing ?!

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love // jenny

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Pretty Hamburger says:

Aside from your really cool eye for styling things I previously would have found boring(but you make them look "chic as hell"), I very much appreciate the Bojack reference with the "Kid/man? in the trenchcoat" hahaha ^^ also can I just say I especially like your taste in shoes, especially the pointy toe ones… great job πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œ

erin XO says:

What was that thrift shop in Tokyo called? I’m going to Tokyo in December and I really want to check it out

Mag San says:

You look so beautiful with the brown hair and eye brows…is this your natural look? It's fabulous

Tuva Emilie says:

man! ive been wanting those kinda pants for so long but cant find any that fit me

Lyn Mar says:

I loved this video, I wish I could pull off this style

Matou Shi says:

I'm far to have a similar style than Jenny's, but somehow I really love her videos. It really inspires me to go for a simple version of myself, in my own way. Thank you for being so inspiring !

LilRed312 Benett says:

I never thought you would thrift shop. Love you and this video. More please.

Odins Sage says:

You were mens oversized clothing and you look classy as f***. I wear mens oversized clothing and I look huge, trashy, or pregnant. And I'm pretty petite. How does that even happen??!

Tania Ginoza says:

Hi Jenny, I enjoy all your shopping videos. I am curious as I understood that you were a minimalist in terms of lifestyle too (you definitely have a minimalist aesthetic). If you are a minimalist how do you manage the new acquisitions? Do you let a similar amount of items go or are you shopping with a very specific needs list? I did watch until the end and heard your discussion about why you bought just one piece so can see you decisions are well thought out, that was helpful for me. I struggle a bit with having too much items although most could be justified as good long term buys so this is why I’m curious on how you manage keeping it trimmed down.

Cadence Woodland says:

If you want an amazing vintage shop specialising in British brands (especially first half of the 20th century) check out 282 Portobello road. The proprietress is named Claudia and she is an absolute gem with an impeccable eye. She will also help you source items if you are looking for something specific and will remember your measurements to ensure she's pulling or recommending items that really suit your actual body. I LOVE her.

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