Celebs Groan As Ricky Gervais LEVELS Them | 2020 Golden Globe Awards

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Ben Shapiro explains why Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe monologues resonated with viewers while angering his Hollywood peers.

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Ben Shapiro says:


Ruthie May says:

If Donald Trump was still an ordinary citizen and NOT POTUS, all of the hypocrites in Hollyweird would be pissing in their silky drawers just to get an invitation to TrumpTower for his parties.

I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge says:

Bash Trump and conservatives: get cheered, called brave and allowed to drone on.

Call Hollywood hypocrites on their shit: get booed, smeared and silenced.

Sounds about right.

Or should I say, left.

Rip Steele says:

Ben is a pole smoker.

elwingy says:

Finaly slowly, yet firmly the bullshit fad of Social Justice Hypocrisy and PC bullcrap is fading and giving its way to a little thing called COMMON FUCKING SENSE!

MillennialsSuck says:

The only women I feel sorry for are the true heroic ones who swam against the flow and outted Weinstein when nobody else would. Those fake celebrity scags who jumped on the bandwagon ONLY AFTER HE WAS OUTTED but knew of his actions for years and did nothing, are pondscum enablers and just as guilty as he is!

slaxxxer Aznarder says:

Ricky gervais is considered working class left wing in the uk, the real left, not the neofascist left that pollutes the world these days.

bwtv147 says:

HFPA has announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host next year. They will toe the politically correct line and will not risk offending sacred cows.

rainwolf034 says:

I agree with you, and Hollywood has taken this Culture war to an extreme, and Ricky pointed out ALL the Hollywood people for the huge hypocrisy they lead!!! And Ricky like most Comedians, can see the Glaring hypocrisy.. Eat better and then get remed for eating Avocados because poor Farmers in Mexico has Drug Cartels moving in on the “Green Gold” it’s just ridiculous what we are supposed to know and be up on to do what Hollywood thinks we should.. Sorry but most people have lives and families and bills to pay, how do average Americans have time to find this shit out.. They are to busy trying to feed then. What about those farmers you boycott because of drug dealers?? Just starve them from a moral high ground… so stupid…

SirRiffsAlot says:

3:56 just loop that. You're welcome.
Props to Ricky by the way, it was about time.

Rudy Stamm says:


Rudy Stamm says:


Bolivar Cruz says:

We all wear masks physical and metaphorically speaking

Bolivar Cruz says:

Power corrupts,Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Shyla Boyd-Wright says:

Gervais thrives in putrid Hollyweird. I see Gervais mocking conservative values and bodly showing the extent of our culture to effect putrid people. "All these guys can do is be shocked and repulsed" "us in Hollyweird see it as norm and no big deal". "So let's mock ourselves and watch how happy they become".

Joseph K. says:

It was perfect. His sign off was amazing. "Donate to Australia, go get drunk and do your drugs, f off, good night."

Joe Postove says:

The cultural wars are more divisive than in the 60's? I think that's debatable. One thing we do now that we could not do then, is LOOK AT OURSELVES ALL OF THE TIME!

Joe Postove says:

Leftest eat their own. Plus, I don't think that ANYONE could do what Gervais did, convincingly, without having some belief in it!

Jason says:

Gervais is cool. High-pitch Ben is not cool.

Grayson Tolsdorf says:

I hate Hollywoods trying to be pc

Spicoli1Bilek says:

Sorry if I don't make it back to your video been but nobody said anything about Joachim until I heard you say it on this video so I have to go check that out but I've been drinking so I may forget to come back and if I do I'm sorry

Josafat Rosales says:

Does anyone who knows about audio recording know how the vocals sound so clear and powerful with the condenser mic so far away? I want to start my own podcast and this sounds incredible

Wifey Pie says:

All of it is SO TRUE! The truth didn't deserve groans and boos

John NoNameGibbon says:

Man, this Ricky Gervais guy is off the wall! What a crazy man he is.

Why don't you debate Nick Fuentes?

hugehappygrin says:

You'd look good with a beard and mustache, but not Hisatic(sp?)

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