CDC updates website on COVID-19 and surfaces

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The agency reminded people that the virus does not spread as easily on surfaces as initially thought.


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Jack o says:

The brainwashingis strong around here…
Millions want to see the heads of the CDC, Gates, Fouci, etc all hung with their necks broken.
And I don't blame them..

T M says:

The curve has flattened clearly headed downward – both cases and deaths. Its time to open the US!!!!

Nahili Aliyi says:

when you click bc you see your state on the thumbnail

Maximum says:

Global scam.

Kricket Langendoerfer says:

Fake President is only worried about getting out for campaigning. If that happens more ppl will catch the virus. Fake President says even if deaths keep growing, It doesn't care. There will be no more shutins. It doesn't care about how many get COVID19 or how many more die. All It wants is to bring It's ppl to It's rallies. Jim Jones did the same. Fake President is disgusting! 😾😾😷

Sherry Sauls says:

The reason for Alabama increase is our community has so many poultry plants, mostly employed by illegals brought to this state.. I'm not racist at all but in the past years we have been over ran with Hispanics in this industry its absolutely ruined our state. They do not and will not practice social distance.. they have 2-3 family's in one home. They do not wear mask or mask their children..Something must be done in this state or it's going to get worse… it's that simple… God bless and protect us all no matter what state or race you are or live in.

JOY Lesile says:

Yes very true second wave is coming and please stay home & protect family. They try to take us out in New York city. Keep praying☀️🙏This is worst then the coronavirus🎯🤦‍♀️

Alex Peres says:

We have a dumbass for president

themutantalienjesus says:

all these freedom loving americans are going to spread some freedom around this weekend in memorial of those who died for their freedom to spread freedom to all… free of charge in a free market economy in free fall for the profit of the few.

Tim Peters says:

5 states with increases… Does that mean 45 states with decreasing cases? Yes it does… don't mention that. Just keep trying to scare people. And after reading a few comments I see you don't need to work hard on that.

fsincision says:

Trump is going to lose the 2020 election. He now has a 29% approval rate Lmao screw trump

Admiral Crunch says:

Only FOOLS believe ABC and CDC.

Positiv3vybz 23 says:

When Trump don't care about our lives and only cares for the economy and his businesses 🤦‍♀️💀💀



the doctor airsoft says:

There is no second wave. Stop making crap up

Cynthia Strahan says:

Trump, Shut up!!!--You are a mentally unfit Thug selfish careless man, who is either mentally sick or has definite Dementia!!!-
So, I won't ever listen to you about anything again!!!
–*You were a Liar, & Rude:
b4 you bought yourself a "Reality Show Presidency"!
–(You are not a King!!–You
are a Mentally Unfit Elected official, who was supposed to SERVE the people…not to try to:
Please Congress, remove this Corrupt, Mentally Unfit man…We all know the truth about him, and his decline is all on record!!!–(Nixon was removed, but loved America.)–Trump is not well!—Remove him from a responsibility, that he is incapable of performing!

William Weinmann says:

Frankly, the president is a self centered moron.

Ms. Blanco says:

I'm getting a head ache; trying to read through so many, illiterate comments. Please use proper spelling, punctuation & remember all caps, means you're yelling! So STOP!

David Rodriguez says:

First wave just getting started. Trump is insane. I bet we have 1 million to 3 million dead by Christmas, and Trump will still keep country open. He is a tyrant. Greed and insanity has affected his brain.

Chief Tahchawwickah says:


5100yes says:

I put a ban on China … Well … what about the virus infected countries ??? Spain , Italy, France so on and so on?? You didnt' put a ban on them right ? I guess theres thing called .. CLOSING BORDERS .

Kathyl Anderson says:

Yes we're going to put it out fast like we did the first wave, still everyone who wants a test can't get a test, there is still a shortage of ppe, problem with results on test

Tetsu de Rothchild says:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that egg export demand has
improved since the beginning of fiscal 2017, but Baker said U.S. egg exports
are still below the peak levels prior to the AI outbreak.


avian influenza is probably due to the poor conditions but have chicken
no rights?

refugees this refugees that.


boycott corrupt usa constantly brushing it under the carpet

boycot usa today

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