Boris Johnson and government officials give briefing on the coronavirus outbreak

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Boris Johnson and government officials hold the daily briefing update on handling the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom.

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Jeremys Mam says:

Restore this country to normality, stop the daily briefings and get this country back on its feet. Stop the semantics. We've seen through the charade.

Sean Kean says:

I think we should be at a distance of 60 or 400 feet apart that should stop the spread of covid-19

Zauharali. Gangera says:

Boris wash your arse regularly and stop making a skid marks on your underwear’s

Zauharali. Gangera says:

Boris you and your girlfriend and your governments are suffering from Diabetic suffering so is your government making public going for another 14 days lockdown so getout and stop 🛑 making false sense to the people of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Ian Drake says:

Lol these lot are so creepy , trying to kill us all just like MSM are as well .

Shona Giffen says:

More BS from Boris !!

MercedesMadman says:

The Sheep are waking up, 604,000 flu deaths globle, 350,000 cv deaths some faked, One is a Plandemic one is not! This is nothing but a control of the people exercise, The EU and WHO want Agenda 21 which 179 Nations including the Uk signed upto. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED with MASK's and Rushed Vax c/o Bill Gates! Good old Chris Whitty, Anthony Fauci, think they have this in the BAG, THE UK population is not Stupid!

Dan Hub says:

He drops Bill Gates name today:/ Jesus Christ as if we haven't had enough horror stories this week.

Dan Hub says:

The only people I know who got coronavirus were Boris, Hancock and Prince Charles.

gerard tom says:

Useless Tories thick and incompetent Johnson useless and incompetent Tories

gerard tom says:

Thick stupid useless Tories useless and incompetent Johnson useless and incompetent Tories

Cole Phelps says:

Black Lives Matter? Sure your lives will definitely matter in a few weeks when you all start dropping like flies.. Corona virus does discriminate just so you know..

Ra Ra says:

Utter shambles.

Nikos Stefas says:

Bill Gates!!?? 🤔 He has showed in many occasions his opinion about humanity and how much he cares about it…I NOW FEEL SAFE!!!

Diego Moura says:

What a difference! In Brazil, our president only appears to spread hate and confusion. Congrats to UK.

Andrew Em says:

No to testing. No to your creepy tracking app. Say no to your rushed vaccine. Down voted.

Roman says:

The Sun i subscribed could you return the gesture 🙂

Roman says:

The Sun i subscribed could you return the gesture 🙂

Roman says:

The Sun i subscribed could you return the gesture 🙂

Roman says:

The Sun i subscribed could you return the gesture 🙂

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