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Today I take you to my favourite charity shops and you get thrifty with me. Come and see the best charity shops in London!

Charity Shops Mentioned //
East End Thrift Store: “The legendary cult vintage store” – VOGUE

Crisis Finsbury Park: One fo the two shops run by the homelessness charity Crisis, selling clothing, homeware, accessories, music and books. Their second shop is in Hackney.

Second Chance: Second Chance is a charity shop, based in Archway, famous for its inventive window displays.

Salvation Army Mayfair: Tucked just behind Oxford Street is this long-established Salvation Army store. It’s worth noting that it sits just a few stiletto clops from Vogue House, and takes receipt of some very fashionable cast-offs.

Jacket – Weekday
Scarf – Acne

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Praise The Sun says:

Landan = cesspit

moonlight mp4. says:

omg second chance is so close to where i live !

Melissa Pisarski says:

This was so calming.

louve says:

hi lucy! just wanted to say i love these videos, i’ve been missing london so much and i love the way you capture it. also not to be weird but your voice is perfect to listen to while working. ✌🏽

Alice in Wonderland says:

Oh my gosh, I love Crisis! They always have really cool stuff in there and I always really want to support them because they're working to end homelessness, they're just great 😊😊

Sophie P. says:

this is kind of crazy but i think i just saw you on the tube in this exact same outfit!

Melanie McCabe says:

I loved this video because of the production quality and how easy it is to consume the content. Those in the comments suggesting Lucy should have provided us with a 'haul' alongside this are wanting something different, I think. I get that 'haul' fix from the capsule wardrobe updates; mainly because the quality of clothing is higher, rather than needing to see her purchase a lot of items regularly, I like to see good quality suggestions on occasion. This makes is more relatable and real-time, because I know I wouldn't always be buying new clothes and items, so why should she? But this shouldn't mean there's less content or tips. Hence, interesting, easily consumable production and learning something new. This is only my opinion and I appreciate everyone likes different things from content. For me, Lucy, this was wonderful and I love your work.

ellabooray says:

I love these types of videos, seeing the city

Lea Ihrig says:

loooooooved this!!!

Gillian Jepson says:

Please can I ask where the east end thrift store is as I wold love to visit next time I'm in London – thank you

Emma Cauvin says:

Such a cool video idea!

Grace McBride says:

Brilliant idea for a video x

Roisin and George's Big Adventure says:

I’m travelling at the minute, been out of London for four months, and this video made me want to reach out and wrap my arms around my ho e town.

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