ATEEZ(에이티즈) – 'WAVE' Official MV

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Release Date: 2019. 06. 10

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Ian Perdana says:

2020 still addicted to this song. Meanwhile they comeback with their new Great song 'Answer' .
My top playlist.
1. Ateez – Answer
2. Ateez – Wave
3. Ateez – Say My Name
Then Wonderland, treasure, Aurora, pirateking, illusion……..
Oopps. i became an Atiny. 😁

Simone Balbino says:

Quando eu tiver meu celular com certeza vou acompanhar eles ♥️💕🤩

Vintage Mo says:

Predebut Stan where are yall????!

bangtan jjang says:

Finally get all the members name and face in two days, after more than 30 youtube videos, i got conclusion: mom i legit love them 🥺😭🥰

Kpop Trash says:

When your teacher is trying to communicate with you because you don’t do your homework:
Me: 🎵 Go away Go away 🎵

Victória Mendes says:

I Love you mingi
Mingi 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

alytheauror says:

i know Wave has gotten a lot of views. but i'm sure it needs to receive more likes…

Hazel _nut says:

Who never get bored of this song?
YES: Like
YES: Comment

Breezy Breeze says:

I cannot express how in love I am with this song. And these guys….mmmmm….. I’m officially a pervert

Destiny says:

Mingi Is Soooo Cute

Camelia Bouras says:

we cant stream with 360 quality right ?

Paulyn Swift says:

Me at my exam:


rizky dika says:

나는이 노래를 정말 좋아한다

H T Wai says:


Pessimistic QUEEN says:


exo is my strength says:

this group produces instantly likable title tracks, literally not a single title track which doesn't have the capability to get stuck in your head for an eternity.

お米 says:

気付いたらいつもここに戻ってきてる 、

Arlene Benitez says:

Everybody in the beginning wakes up but have you noticed that soothing never woke up he just appeared when they all started dancing…kind weird huh.

Mischa Suarez says:

yall talkin abt mingi’s hakumatata yo

nd all i can think abt is hongjoong’s fIsHy fIsHy lIkE

Chris Ostreicher says:

De la grande insanerie

Irrelevant Midzy says:

This will always remain as my fave ateez song

Ajnu yeet says:

I'm so happy i found this

plus it's giving me summer vibes 😎🍉

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