Arizona prepares for peak cases of COVID-19

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Numbers to increase in April, hospitalizations in May.


Leticia Ruelas says:

If only it was that easy for people to stay home… There so many that cant afford to stay home.. We still have to pay our bills. Credit cards ect.. But the ones that are lucky stay home has much has possible.. The sooner we all do this the faster this will go away i honestly wouldn't want AZ to become Wuhan. Espana and Italy there the example. And there warming us to stay home and be safe. So many people that shouldnt die are dying. Take this serious people…

ReligiousZombie says:

"In closing, the idea is to reduce the loss of profits my corporate masters have endured." Governor Doug Douchey.

Pyrethryn says:

Any way people could spread this message to Sun City and Sun City West? Especially in the slummier parts? These "gated" communities still have their horse shoe groups, pickleball, badminton, shuffleboard teams working each day. And zero consideration about social distancing. And these are people who are 65+ years old. They're all going in and out of DR apts.

MistakenMystery says:

Stay away from 5G…

Pinkie Love says:

why aprill ,lol wouldnt we show signs already it says if your infected it shows within 2 days.. stop scarying the public

jon sayer says:

No mask no beds just let it spread when will they learn shelter in place immediately

Tem says:

amazing content you deserve more subscribers

Gimme a Little of Everything says:

Shut it down Ducey or you won't get my November vote. If I'm still alive.

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