Archangel Michael — The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode

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Transcript: Archangel Michael — The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode
2012 DECEMBER 20

Stephen: A huge, HUGE thanks to the lovely Ellen McGuffie — our trusted transcriber extraordinaire! — for transcribing this final episode of The Light Agenda with Archangel Michael in world record time so we can all enjoy Michael’s own light agenda before our expected Ascension tomorrow. Thanks also to Anthony Morrison for doing a final check-through.

In this 90-minute interview, Michael talks about his own journey, his beginnings, how he got his name, his family, sibling rivalry, his favourite moments, his artistry, his love of music, Lemuria, Atlantis, his fun side — he even tells a joke or two! — and, of course, he gives us all some last minute tips for Ascension.

You can listen to the whole show here:

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome once again to The Light Agenda. This is Stephen Cook. Now, firstly, thank you to Steve Beckow for honoring us all with his candid and open-hearted interview last week. And for me it was both a pleasure and a treasure. And, judging by the numbers of you who tuned in here to hear Steve talk about his own light agenda, I would say that that show has been very well received.

And on a personal note, I would like to thank Steve for his wonderful friendship, and also for his unwilting dedication to assisting so many of us to be as informed as we possibly can be about the world and times we live in and what lies just ahead — our Ascension.

So now, to today, the final episode of The Light Agenda. My special guest is the Archangel who’s become a friend to all of us. He’s been a guiding voice in all our lives for at least the past year, and, if not longer, and that is Archangel Michael. And I have to say, it’s been a rather interesting process in trying to prepare for today’s program, because no matter what you think is out there on Archangel Michael, and no matter what you can find from researching and reading, who knows whether it’s accurate or not? So, hopefully, today’s show will unravel some of the mysteries that us Earthly-bound souls yet know about Michael.

So, with that in mind, please welcome to The Light Agenda, Archangel Michael…

Archangel Michael: Greetings. Yes, I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and I would hope friend and beloved of all.

SC: You are indeed, Michael. [laugh] Now, as I just said in my intro, we’re going to try and cover as much as we can today without completely exhausting Linda Dillon, as your channel. So, can you tell me, first, is much of what I can see out there at the moment, whether it’s been in the Bible, or in various books that I could find, is much of what we know about you accurate?

AAM: Yes, I would say that a great deal of it is accurate. But as you know anybody that is writing who even thinks that they are journalistic tends to exaggerate in order to capture people’s imaginations and interests. So, I would say that some of the skeleton outlines are accurate, but sometimes there is a great deal of exaggeration.

What is not in the Bible or in other reports and books about me is the quality of the interaction that I have with human beings and the many miracles that occur all the time. Those go unnoted, they go unrecorded. And that is fine with me, by the way. I do not wish to be known as an ancient or a modern-day saviour.


Michael son of God says:

Please come follow me on my journey. I'm the ArchAngel Michael in the flesh.

Matt Muckleroy says:

Your welcome Craven


Thank you so much for posting this and interviewing Archangel Michael on this day!
Much love, light and illumination to all

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