Amazon Shuts Wareouse After Three Workers Test Positive for Covid-19

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Mar.25 — Inc. has extended the shuttering of a warehouse dedicated to returning apparel after three workers tested positive for Covid-19, the first known instance of the online retailer indefinintely idling a U.S facility in response to the pandemic. Matt Day reports on “Bloomberg Technology.”


B Ski says:

WOW. Took some people to get infected to shut down, forget about pissing in bottles. BEZOS must be crying!!

Pedro Echevarria says:

Just Shut it down for like 7 days. Virus dies on it's own. Its dies after 3-4 days on plastic. Mabey 10 day shutdown then let people back in but only after a negative test. People rely on these jobs man. This is gonna be devastating for check to check families

Fuzzy Ewok says:

At least amazon seems to care. UPS on the other hand, doesn’t give two shits. They hide the fact that people are testing positive. Not even when the manager has allegedly come down with an illness.

prettymochame just T says:

COVID at Amazon and on packages?
Last week, four U.S. senators — Sanders and three Democrats, Cory Booker (N.J.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Robert Menendez (N.J.) — sent Bezos a letter expressing concern that the company isn’t doing enough to protect its warehouse workers from the coronavirus outbreak.

“We write today to strongly urge you to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of your employees who are also our constituents, friends, family, and neighbors,” the senators wrote.

The senators noted that Amazon could also put “the entire country at risk” if warehouse conditions aren’t sanitary, because the coronavirus can live for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. They asked Bezos to respond to a series of questions by Thursday.

Gigi Devoe says:

COMMM SENSE SAYS NO RETURNS ON ANY ITEM…Bought during this period. Many items Amazon sales ate from China, Italy, Spain. I SOME ITIOTS would deliberately CONTAMINATE something & RETURN IT. SO many CRACKPOTS in this world. Teens in stores sneezing on fresh produce! A min fine of $1500 for any one caught or a week in jail or juvenile detention.
Are workers Uing mask, gloves & goggles ?? NO

Rob Miller says:

Now check UPS, FedEx, and the post office please.

Christopher Arcadia says:

And many more to follow.

Tom Towers says:

Well yeah people delivering to those sheltering in place will get sick too along with first responders.

Ardent Dfender says:

That would be a monumental task to disinfect one of Amazon warehouse. Unless they fog fumigate disinfect the entire warehouse that would take a long time to disinfect.

Jacob Delgado says:

I work at the one in Fontana lax9 and we've heard there was a case in Moreno valley ont8

2NDARY B18C1 says:

And they won't pay for this crime

Pastor Glock says:

Amazon. Delivering more than packages!

Gregory larsen says:

You don't get tested until you get sick 😷😜. Lock down almost over. Until you get sick then you get another lock down. Damn if you do. Damn if you don't…lol. stay safe everyone.

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