Aerial video appears to show burials of unclaimed covid-19 victims and others on Hart Island

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Video from Reuters and AP on April 9 showed laborers burying coffins on Hart Island in New York. SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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Hugo Gutierrez says:

This is the reality of what your precious Capitalism causes. Every man for himself, this is what Capitalism really is.

Greg Chambers says:

The primary focus of Hart Island has been being a potter's field for the city from 1869 to the present day. The first burial was that of Louisa Van Slyke, a 24-year old orphan who died at Charity Hospital and with no one to claim her body. The island has since become the largest tax-funded cemetery in the world, with over 1 million bodies interred over 101 acres.

Generation Sensitive says:

What else would you like them to do? They lived alone and unfortunately died alone. People shoulde donate money for a proper funeral if they care that much

Yousir Cantknow says:

The WP isn't much more than fodder for the same folks who rubberneck on the Beltway.

Austin T says:

And now that building is haunted with the souls of the unknown.

Monica Jones says:

theres really that many unclaimed victims huh? a few months from now i can see a lot of missing persons cases happening

Tim D says:

They're not letting anyone claim bodies at this point. Don't eat the soylent green.

Jeffrey Beaver says:

They used the word "Appears" since they really don't know which makes this NOT ACTUAL NEWS but how things are everyday! What is the Washington Post trying to imply? We know people have died! We know they get buried. Are they saying we need better funerals? I mean why is this even a video?

Robi Hanibal says:

Oh my God 😭😭

VinterEvig says:

"and others". so 2 that died of the virus and a bunch of others that died of other causes.

Monica Jones says:

please tell me that everyone being buried there is confirmed deceased…

Ian Smith says:

I just bought a time-share on heart island. This doesn’t look anything like the brochure.

John Holtz says:

From dust you came and to dust you shall return.

Raymundo Velez says:

Wow looks so wrong. I hope all those people find peace.

Mad lad says:

The Division has gone online.

Pinxity says:

Prisoners get a headstone and an individual grave when they die in prison and go unclaimed. What makes these homeless or unclaimed people worse than a criminals to be buried like this? Weather or not it has been done on Hart Island for years.

TDO says:

I never thought I would see another massive grave in NY after 9/11 happened it's just so sad.

terry bigler says:

A couple of things don't sit right,if China knew that they had an influenza epidemic that was not responding then why the hell did they let all those people go to new years celebration all over the world ?.If you wanted to spread a world wide weapon this would be the way to do it. I'm still not convinced that this is not a trial weapon run

march51990 says:

Mass buryings have begun.

John D. Rolader says:

Can you spell P-R-O-PO-G-A-N-D-A

adil kanouni says:

More chance for you.
Life and people at most didn't accept.more rejects.
With a casket simple as it gets.
No worries for that soul to be taking to your lord with all that you faced on earth will be waiting for you in a hand of our lord.

From me and some…
We will be missed.

moepizl says:

Wats crazy is theyr triple stacking. That's a lot of heads bro. I'm guessing jus the area we c is at least 60 n the covered area is twice that. N jus think it's n all day process most likely

Dave Woods says:

I'm really not trusting ANY OF THIS.

Hitesh Patel says:

They seriously should be cremating these bodies. Virus can still survive under these conditions

Mitchell Erickson says:

You can see them digging one on Google maps

Christian Garcia says:

Not even a cemetery ? Wtf America this is the best we can do ? Once again you have failed us !!!! Voting for crisis money?

União Anti-Fascista says:


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