5 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 66

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5 Cookie Gadgets put to the Test – https://youtu.be/A0wSFFcO6AY

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Jon Murphy says:

my pancakes always work (unless you mistake beef dripping for butter/lard)

Mike B says:

Uses a round pot So it touches the corners…..

What is life says:

Just an excuse to monetise ur breakfast 😄👍

Eerin welcome2chaos Jones says:

Crepes overcooked like a mf😂

Glen ford says:

Maybe try without tray

Steven Ardianto says:

4:45 WHACK yum system😂

Jan Kenny says:

The crepes seem more like tortillas with their stiffness. Jus sayin. 😉💥

Da Gucc Slayer says:

Check blayat what a blin

Lauri Lee Roberts says:

Love the strainer where did you get it

Eugenia Flores says:

thank you this changed my life

Karan Kaushal says:

Welcome back to mala bala tory…

Sarah Argintaru says:

anyone know what he says at 0:52?

Santoyobro says:

I like the catch frase BOOM…

certainsmiles says:

Please tell me the name of the kid with vacumme and where to buy i

Nezox_13 says:

0:52 первый блин комом

Anthony Jackson says:

I just love the way you talk 👆perfect

Damir Atan says:

I wonder where does he stores all his items

Tomahawk_0408 says:

0:34 the fans pot

Bankerbha Myrthong says:


somthing else says:

That stirring machine is genius. I think it would be perfect for reheating soups or any kind of soft consistency leftovers. The motor seems like it too weak for thicker consistencys like potatoes or rice

Irshad Chaudhary says:

6:27 He Failed To Use This Gadgick

Daniel Burnett says:

What is the first gadget called?

Ben Roberts says:

Pancake butter

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