5 As Seen On TV Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test! – Part 2

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8 Ice Gadgets That will Blow your Mind – https://youtu.be/HdaCAHB61YM

Dogs Reactions To Head Massager – https://youtu.be/OPGwwtWU2zQ

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ToxicBoa says:

Alternative title
Wholesome, optimistic Russian reviews cool gajiks he saw on tv

Kaleb Wingers says:

I hope his wife is good at cleaning haha

Rachel S. White says:

I sliced my pinky finger off with a mandolin so severely it is now deformed. This video gave me PTSD.

N.M Born Channel says:

The potato chips gadget was awesome

nichegoseberazdvatri says:

The 🥕 was fighting for life! 😆

Berlinda Moustafa says:

Vegimatic by ronco

Kyndra Barlow says:

What a cool counter action (contraption)
Is what i heard 😂

Bamford Steele says:

Coo-cumber and epple!

Bryan Adams says:

They should make a gadget to compress all the gadgets. So, they can all fit it 20 drawers!

its all good Piru says:

I like the all metal one it cuts fast and efficient the one that was in another video btw

Holosexuals Hot says:

Ah man I just love this guy! 😁😂

Katherine George says:

You could be a demonstrator in a supermarket or department store.

Lisa Insana says:

I think you liked those chips a little too much. lol

ERRE O says:

You say apple. I say potato.

ERRE O says:

These are the type of gadgets people buy to use just once or twice then end up in box in the garage.

Pat Mitchell says:

I liked the scissor and I love your videos and your accent

Geneva Justice says:

I had an slice o magic , didn’t like it

Donna Ocasio says:

Tara tearing up them chips😂

Sharon Mac Intyre Barrett says:

I really loved the tomato knife.

Laura Wright says:

What do you do with all the food you chop, dice, grind etc???

000 xx says:


andrew reynolds says:

Perfect coocumber for the sandvich

Chris González says:

Toe-May-Tahs 😂

Brent King says:

the slicer is way too much work. The other one you tested was much better.

Midoray :O says:

Taras logic : gasjeks that slice makes things DELICIOUS

Colby Wilson says:

I have the cutting board knife but mine is white and gray I love it works for me

Cecile Deal says:

Got to get me one of these knives

Harry Potter says:

Spiralizer =slinky

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